All Natural Weight Loss Tips – The Common Sense Diet Plan

 Are You Really Overweight?

First off make sure you really are overweight! Simple for most of us, but not everybody! Make sure what you see in the mirror is realistic, and the best way to do that is visit my weight-loss page below and calculate your BMI (body mass index.) If your BMI is below 25 then find something else to concern yourself with as your weight is just fine. If your BMI is above 25 (mine is 29.6) then you really should think about losing the pounds necessary to lower your BMI to 25 or below (the higher your BMI the more urgent this weight lose becomes.)  So what is the Common Sense Diet Plan? Well lets start by saying: losing your unwanted weight is not rocket science-it’s not complicated, it’s pretty simple really! You simply need to take in (eat) less calories than you burn. That’s it! If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight, guaranteed! You really will!  The difficult part of losing weight is having the willpower to lower your caloric intake to an acceptable level to make your body have to burn some of the fat it has stored. It can be hard to tell yourself no, I won’t eat that extra helping, Twinky or whatever. And remember calories are calories weather they come in the form of sugar, fat, carbs, or whatever, calories in excess in any form can make you fat! If you feel you need to, keep track of the calories you consume (I’m not that regimented, but it’s a good idea.) That way there’s no confusion as to how many calories you’ve consumed on any given day.

The All Natural, Common Sense, Healthy, Diet Plan

Ok-drum roll please-here’s my diet plan in a nutshell-eat the same healthy meals as you normally would, but reduce your servings to about a half of what you would normally eat. This will decrease your caloric intake by roughly half, and don’t worry about eating some fat, or carbs, (although cutting out sugars, for the most part is a good idea) because your body still needs normal healthy foods, just less of them. Does that make sense? Don’t make dieting a big deal, just cut back on your normal meals, to the point that you still feel hungry after a meal.  Also your between meal snacks should be only low calorie, healthy snacks such as: fruits, veggies, a piece of sugar-free gum, you get the idea. Also make sure to take a good multi-vitamin with minerals daily (especially when dieting.) If you follow this simple Common Sense Diet Plan-you will lose weight-and you won’t feel so deprived, simply because you will be eating the same foods as everyone else, just less of them. Please visit my site below for more dieting tips as well as other natural, homeopathic, ways to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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