Back Stretches, Yoga Exercises, & Stretches – Basic Exercises For Us in Our Day-to-day Life

Back stretches, yoga exercises and stretches are a complete package for us to keep body fit and fine in our daily routine. These exercises improve our ability at work and in other activities. These exercises help us to avoid injuries caused to our body due to stiffness of muscles.

Back stretches exercises help us to cure and avoid from back pains and back injuries. Before we start any back stretching exercise it is compulsory for us to do body warm-up. This warm-up helps us to prepare ideally for all types of stretching exercises and also to avoid muscle strain.

Following are the various types of back stretches:

  • Chest and shoulder stretch
  • Tall stretch
  • Calf stretch
  • Upper back stretch
  • Standing lower back stretch
  • Quadriceps stretch
  • Tuck stretch
  • Lower back rotation stretch
  • Back and shoulder stretch
  • Quadriceps and groin stretch

Since ancient days yoga exercise is considered as beneficial to both physical and mind of our body. A yoga exercise help us to achieve good health and makes our mind alert. Yoga exercises are considered as the perfect remedy for our physical ailments. Yoga exercise makes our body organs more active in their routine functioning and also has great effect on the internal functioning of our body.

Stretches are the basic ways to make our body flexible and agile. Stretching should be done in right way i.e. slow and relaxed and not to bounce on it at once.

Before we do any of these stretches or yoga exercise or back exercises warming up is important as it contribute to us in a great way to reduce the various body injuries. It is said that warming up should be done for every physical exercise or activity. For every one of us it is important to remember that we should always dedicate some time for various stretches to keep our body flexible.

Stretching can be done in the morning or the evening, but always, it’s best to do on an empty stomach. In the morning, you will inevitably feel stiffer, but don’t be fooled! The stretching progress you make in the morning (when you feel stiff) is just as beneficial and significant as the progress you’ll make in the afternoon when you feeling looser and more limber. To make you stretching routine easier, particularly in the morning, you can do some simple exercises to warm the body before you stretch. Things like pushups, jumping jacks, and skipping rope are all great.

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