Behaviors That Are a Positive For Good Sleep

Having good sleep hygiene can improve a persons sleep. Here are some practices that are conducive to good sleep:

1. Try to sleep only when you are drowsy.

2. If you are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep, leave your bedroom and engage in a quiet activity elsewhere. Do not permit yourself to fall asleep outside of the bedroom, however. Return to bed when you are sleepy. Repeat this process as often as necessary through the night.

3. Maintain a regular arise time, even on days off work and on weekends.

4. Use your bedroom only for sleep, sickness and sex.

5. Avoid napping during the daytime. If daytime sleepiness becomes overwhelming, limit nap time to a single nap of less than one hour, but not after 3 p.m.

6. Distract your mind. Lying in bed unable to sleep and frustrated needs to be avoided. Try reading or watching VCR or listening to books on tape. It may be necessary to go into another room to do these.

7. Avoid caffeine within four to six hours of sleep and preferably after lunch.

8. Avoid the use of nicotine close to bedtime or during the night.

9. Do not drink alcoholic beverages within four to six hours of going to bed.

10. A light snack may help promote sleep, but avoid any large meals two hours before bedtime.

11. Do not engage in strenuous exercise within 6 hours your usual bedtime.

12. Minimize light, noise, and extremes in temperature in the bedroom, though a cooler bedroom is better for sleep than one that is warm.

Practicing these twelve tips for better sleep will help you to rest better at night and, as a result, feel better during the day. Getting good sleep is important to your overall health.

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