Best Nutrient Solutions for Summer Growing

Summer means heat. If you live in a warm place, excessive heat can affect your plants, especially those grown indoors. Some plants thrive in plenty of sunlight while others will require shade. Because of the summer heat, plants often do not get the water they require. This leads to stress, causing nutritional deficiency. Hence, the most important summer tip is to use water wisely and ensure that your plants receive adequate nutrition.

The quality of nutrient solutions that you use directly affects the growth and health of your plants. Improper plant nutrient can lead to poor yields, or worse, diseases. Hence, it is important to use tried-and-tested nutrient solutions that provide the necessary nutrients.

Here is a look at the important factors that are involved in choosing nutrient solutions for summer growing:

Indoor Gardening in Summer

Hydroponics enthusiasts avoid the summer heat by growing plants indoors. However, you will need to ensure that indoor plants absorb adequate amounts of light by using a nutrient solution such as Liquid Light, which improves light absorption.

Stages of Growth

Plants have different nutritional needs in the vegetative and flowering stages. Depending on the stage of growth and plant type, it is important to vary the nutrient solutions. Several hydroponics hobbyists use ESU Greenleaves Grow Juice for vegetative growth and Bloom Juice before fruiting and flowering. Similarly, pHAT Hydro offers products for the vegetative and blooming stages that are extremely popular with amateur as well as professional growers who use hydroponics.

Growing Mediums

Nutrition depends on the growing medium you use, as each growing medium has different amounts of trace nutrients and micronutrients. Inexperienced growers and professional growers can simply use ready-to-use nutrient solutions from Canna, which have been scientifically tested on specific growing mediums such as coco, soil, and rockwool.

pH Levels

Adding nutrients to the reservoir is bound to affect its pH level, which affects the uptake of nutrients and increases the chances of plant diseases. Technoflora provides a range of products such as B.C. Boost, B.C. Bloom, and B.C. Grow for different stages of plant growth. The balanced formula allows you to maintain pH levels of the nutrient reservoir, eliminating the need for frequent pH adjustment.


A good nutrient solution should contain quality chelates, which aid the transfer of nutrients from fertilizers to plants. Nutrient solutions from Advanced Nutrients are known for their high chelate to micronutrient ratio, which ensures bio-availability for a longer duration.

Hydro-Organic Nutrients and Growth Supplements

Most nutrient solutions used in hydroponics are “hydro-organic” which means that they are organic materials that are readily soluble in water. One of the well-known brands in highly soluble nutrient solutions is General Hydroponics. General Hydroponics offers a range of growth supplements to enhance the development of both flowering and fruiting plants. Another trusted name, FoxFarm offers hydroponic nutrients that work by providing an extra boost of nitrogen and important trace minerals.

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