Bodyweight Strength Training

Do you think the only way to build strength is through lifting weights? Wrong. Your body has no idea how it’s receiving it’s resistance. The body doesn’t just respond to lifting weights. Your body will respond to any resistance you give it.

Just because you lift weights doesn’t mean you will get huge freaky muscles. You can build muscle from any type of resistance. But to put on the size takes more then just pushing around heavy iron. It takes extra calories, it takes a lot of rest, it takes supplements.

Again look at the puffed up bodybuilder, these guys are huge but do you think all they do is lift weights go home drink and fall a sleep? No, they live this 24/7.

Some of these guys are strong and athletic. But most are just show. They love the look, the big arms the huge chest.

But can the average guy get strong without putting all that extra unhealthy weight? Yes, you do not have to lift weights and spend money on supplements to get strong, all you need is hard work, good food, water and rest.

I always here that I want to put on extra size should I take this supplement should I do this should I do that but it comes down to training and food and rest.

Here is an example, men that use their bodies everyday to make a living that shovel tons of dirt or move furniture all day long, day in and day out or even the trash man who spends all day flipping cans.

These guys are never huge even though they lift thousands of pounds all day long and all week long.

However, I know these men have build a lot of strength but it’s a functional strength not heavy muscle. Your body will get strong from lifting anything sand bags, logs, rocks and your own bodyweight.

Bodyweight can build strength, endurance, explosive power and athleticism and you can also gain weight if you take in the extra calories. You can use your bodyweight at different angles to build amazing strength.

Try the Wildman swing walk and tell me this exercise will not build a powerful body.

It will build a strong body. Or try some pullups using a towel instead of the regular bar and tell me how these feel. Or the superman pushup. These will build a lot of strength that can be used for anything, that’s why the experts are using more labor drills for strength and endurance.

Try this workout:

5 wildman swing walks – Bear crawl 10 yards – 10 jump squats – sprint back and repeat Simple concept, But will have you hurting inside of 10 minutes. Toughness Builds Winners

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