Cheat Your Way Thin by Joel Marion – Cheat Your Way Thin Review

Cheat Your Way Thin by Joel Marion is a new approach to losing weight. Can you imagine not counting calories, not measuring portions and not having to learn complicated nutrition facts about the foods you eat? Joel Marion has put together a plan that is easy to follow and is a simple read. His new plan will have you eating the foods you really love and you’ll even feel like you’re cheating to lose weight.

Joel doesn’t give you recommendations on the number of calories you need for your daily intake, he doesn’t tell you how many grams of fat you need and he doesn’t tell you how many grams of protein you need.

Instead he will tell you what a serving of a particular food item should look like (a serving of chicken breast should be about the size of the palm of your hand). He has several week’s worth of meals that will support the types of food you need to keep the level of the fat burning leptin at its optimum level.

Leptin is a hormone that affects how energy is metabolized in your body. When your caloric intake is restricted then the level of leptin goes down. Fat burning slows down and you begin to store up ugly fat. When the caloric intake rises so does your body’s ability to burn off unwanted fat.

So how does a person lose weight with Cheat Your Way Thin? I guess you could call it calorie shifting or calorie rotating. You’ll be eating the recommended foods for most of the days of the week and you’ll have one day that you can cheat your way through. This type of change will keep your body from getting used to a level of caloric intake that will cause a drop in the leptin that’s available for fat burning.

The plan will give you an easy to understand explanation of how leptin works and you get 12 weeks worth of meal plans already set up for you to go along with the exercises that you should use for six days of the week. On your cheat day you can take a day off from the exercises if that’s what you feel like. There’s a little flexibility which makes the plan a lot easier to follow.

When you order Cheat Your Way Thin it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and Joel maintains that everyone should be able to get results from his plan. If you have any problems at all he says he will cheerfully refund your money.

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