Combine Exercise, Stretching and Kama Sutra and You Get ExerSutra

My wife and I were making love one night, nothing was feeling good, it was stale, boring, average and just so routine. After we rushed through it and cleaned up, I asked her how I was performing. Well she loved that I used my hands and tongue to caress her body but other than that I was failure. She then asked me what I felt about her performance. I was a bit mad from what she said so I just blasted out “Well to be honest its getting really boring!”

After a three-day fight, lousy make-up sex and then a 3 hour talk we both decided to change our lifestyle so we can improve not only our sex life but our relationship as well. Let’s face it, sex brings us closer together with our significant other. You bond intimately and emotionally. A healthy sex life also leads to more confidence and less stress when handling your day-to-day business. When I have a great love making session I tend to wake up the next day refreshed, focused and ready to take on the day.

So what plan was put into motion to save our relationship and bring back the passion? Well for starters we stopped eating fast food, restaurants and stopped drinking soda cold turkey. We started going to the gym every night. We even started having sex every night. Sure we were losing weight, getting healthier and had more energy for sex, but sex was still the same as before. What were we doing wrong?

Well after another two months of trying to improve our sex life I stopped mid sex one night and told her to stop. My right leg was cramping and all I could think about was the pain in my leg! It was killing my motivation and focus and I was having a hard time keeping a solid erection. She admitted that me not being fully hard was also making her think that I was not into her and that was all she could think about.

My wife knows I love her and I know she loves me. We were getting in better shape and we were rediscovering our sexual attraction for each other but that wasn’t the issue. I told her that I think we need to try more positions until we find one that works for both of us. We must have went through ten different kama sutra books before we gave up. These positions were hard! I was not a professional porn start and neither was she. How can they have an orgasm when it feels like you are working out, not having sex?!

Finally one day I was searching the internet for sexual exercising and I came across this poorly designed website called ExerSutra. I thought, you know what, I am going to give this a shot. The webpage talked about combining exercising, stretching and balance into your sexual positions. This made sense to me because even though we were jogging everyday at the gym and building more endurance, we were still cramping and having sex was uncomfortable and we couldn’t stay in the same position for more than two minutes without having to switch.

ExerSutra was a cheap guide that combined exercising methods to achieve more endurance for the advanced sexual positions with stretching techniques so you are not cramping up. I have to say I was blown away and my eyes were opened! I was so exciting that I called in sick to work the next day just to read this guide. I was practicing stretching all day and when my wife got home, I attacked her with my new found knowledge. I threw her on the bed and went to town. I couldn’t believe how long I was lasting. No cramps. No balance issues. She was also loving it, just laying there getting pleasured. For the first time in 8 months we shared a mutual orgasm.

She asked me where that came from, and I showed her ExerSutra. We immediately changed up our workout routines to include more strength training that targeted the muscle groups more commonly used during intercourse. We stretched before and after our work out and also before and after sex! The night she pulled off a reverse cowgirl and we went for 18 minutes straight in one position was the night I laid in bed with the biggest smirk on my face. I was man.

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