Complete Bat Speed – A Single Strength Training Exercise to Improve the Baseball Player’s Hitting!

Baseball strength training exercises should focus in on the development of core strength and hip power. As a strength and conditioning professional I can think of no better exercise for doing this than the single arm overhead kettlebell snatch. This is the king of kettlebell lifts that is sure to help you develop the necessary athletic traits for you to obtain superior bat speed.

By implementing the kettlebell snatch you are adding a component to your strength and conditioning workout that will ensure the success of your baseball season. In order to be a good hitter you have got to have bat speed. Aside from the hand to eye coordination necessary to hit the ball your body must be able to react quickly to a very fast situation. The bat needs to feel light in your hands. Your timing must be flawless, but if it is off by a very small margin hopefully your core power will be able to help you compensate. The single arm kettlebell snatch is a powerful lift that requires a bit of technique to pull it off properly. Like hitting this is a lift that takes both skill and strength. The object of the exercise is to lift a single bell from either the ground or from between your legs up to a held position above your head in a swift smooth motion. In order to do this you must forcefully flex and then extend at both your hip and knee joints to create force to elevate the kettlebell to a high pull position lateral to your head. At the time the bell raises to this level it should be almost weightless for a fraction of time. At this peak of weightlessness you will want to vertically punch your palm towards the sky locking your elbow out and securing your shoulder into the socket. As you initiate the upward phase of this lift you should be pulling substantially with your lat in order to elevate the bell. By engaging your lat and keeping your shoulder secure in the socket you will have very little problem pulling this lift off.

Once again, in order to develop a substantially effective strength and conditioning workout you have got to include the use of kettlebells into your program. By utilizing this ancient device you stand to outperform everyone on the field in every area of the game. Including even the most basic lifts will help you to cause your opponent to have trouble falling asleep at night. Don’t let that worry fall into your head. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart my friend!

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