Constellation of The Omens – Deborah Simpson

Imagine being in a deep sleep and seeing visions and hearing voices that tell you the end of the world, as we know it is near. The fear in your mind and heart are real and the events that you are seeing are happening as you envision them. How are you going to stop the Apocalypse from happening? How are you going to tell the world that if they do not heed and embrace the word of God that we are all doomed? The only way is to read the words of author Deborah Simpson in this straightforward, true account of what she saw in a vision and in her dreams that made her realize she had to tell the world her prophesies and warn us before it is too late.

Imagine living in a military state where you can no longer speak your mind and have free will. Think about being told what you will be allowed to wear, what you can eat, where you are able to go to school and what kind, if any medical care you are entitled to. What if we were all separated into different classes of people according to our intellectual abilities and then tested and programmed and prepared for jobs in the work force that the government feels would suite our capabilities whether we wanted to perform that job or not?

How would you feel? What would you do if at a certain age your medical care was null and void and your children could not receive the immunizations that they needed and people were getting diseases that were previously prevented with vaccines?

In this frightening, scary and thought provoking book Deborah Simpson causes the reader to take a hard look at his/her religious beliefs, values and understandings and emphasis what will happen if we do not stand strong and belief in God.

The government as we know it shall no longer exists and in its place will be the Totality Party. This party will be comprised of a populace considered out governmental elite, according to the author. These are Liberals who belief that our liberties and freedoms should and must be squashed to allow others to reap the benefits and enjoy the liberties once afforded to everyone. These people are not only college graduated with degrees in “Oppressive Education,” but are people who will be creating our laws and making sure that they strictly adhered to our the consequences will be drastic.

People will be divided into 2 distinct groups. On the side of hope in order to stop these prophesies from taking place and occurring those faithful to God and his believes will help to make sure this new government is disbanded. This group will be comprised of those who are totally against the beliefs of this new regime and will help banish those who have managed to escape being enslaved by this government.

Our democratic government will no longer exist and the governments of the world will unite under the Totality Party. All people will have to forfeit their worldly possessions and holdings. This will supposedly stated under the guise of for the betterment of the global unity and common wealth of everyone. In reality the governmental officials for bribing will use these things.

There will be no more elections. The government will not allow people any civil liberties and there will be no more freedoms. Children will go to school and be assigned classes according to their intellectual abilities. No longer will they be allowed to go to school and decide what they want to do when they get older. Instead, that will be decided for them according to what the Totality Party or the government determine as to what they are fit and suited for.

Throughout the book the author describes many events that will occur as a result of the end of the world being near and the new government and regime that will reign unless we as a people decide to stop being so complacent and help to eradicate this party. These people will try to eradicate God within the hearts and minds of the people. This cannot happen and it is up to those who remain and have faith in god to help stop this from happening.

She describes in detail The New World Order and how it is the responsibility of each individual to help eradicate it. We cannot stand silent before the Lord or not be counted. She describes the final battle and when and where it will occur.

As so aptly stated by the author, “The time is now for every man, woman and child to but aside their greed, their neglect, their selfishness and commence atonement.” It is time to restore the dignity and respect to God. We must unit as a people and align with God in order to obliterate tyranny.

Whether the end of the world will occur in 2012 or not anyone can say. What will happen is not up to the author it is up to each of us.

This is a thought provoking and very mind stimulating book that forces the reader to take into account his/her beliefs in God and even more. It is up to you to decide whether the Apocalypse will occur, whether the world as we know it and life as we have been living it, will no longer exist and be overturned by those who are stronger and dominate the weak. You decide. Constellation of the Omens was not written to instill fear in you, but to instill in you faith.

I give this book Five Golden Angels

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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