Dream Interpretation – Learn Why the Meaning of Your Dreams Helps You Save Your Mental Health

I’ve had a great literary talent since I was a child. My words were wise and beautiful, while I was ignorant.

I wanted to be good. However, I was in fact very selfish and indifferent to the pain of the world, which became obvious when I became a grown up, and I cared only about my own life: my family, my friends and my own business.

It was then that an unbearable pain in my heart invited me to care about my psychical world. I was a literary writer who had lost her country, and with it her language, and her status quo.

I had made many mistakes in my life! The worst one was that I had gotten married to the wrong person, which I understood only when I was already a young mother…

Fortunately, I discovered the importance of the meaning of dreams. They saved me, by saving my mental health.

I’m telling you my story in order to prove to you that your dreams will save your mental health too, because everyone in our world needs psychotherapy, even if they don’t have a strong tendency to become mentally ill like I did.

I was so depressed and irritated when I was 23 years old, that if I had not found salvation in the meaning of dreams, I could have committed suicide.

I was ignorant, but very intelligent, and an excellent student, since my childhood. I loved reading and learning, besides writing. This was my salvation!

I found my mental health thanks to my studies and discoveries, and then I started helping many other people, by translating their dreams for them entirely free of charge, and explaining the meaning of the unconscious guidance. I was like a sister for everyone, also helping them solve their daily problems, besides being near them in the difficult moments.

My work is scientific, because I studied many scientific books with seriousness and I have worked like a real doctor for all the desperate people I have helped during 19 years, but my work is also based on charity, and goodness.

I accepted to sacrifice my time because I had the moral obligation to help everyone with all the knowledge I had acquired, as the unconscious mind had showed me in my dreams.

This way, I was able to transform dream interpretation into an immediate translation from images into words, becoming a real expert. I could not delay as much as Carl Jung to explain to the people I was helping what the meaning of their dreams was…

Today all my knowledge is available on the internet, which unites all countries of the world. I give you many free lessons about dream interpretation and the meaning of dreams in my daily articles, besides giving you advice.

I wanted very much to have written my books twenty years ago, but the wise unconscious mind obliged me to study more and more, until my work could be perfect.

It explained to me that it had given me the literary talent, because it was trying to give me some sensitivity through poetry. I had inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience. I would be a cruel and absurd creature worse than my father, who was schizophrenic, if I had not found salvation in my obedience to the wise unconscious guidance contained in my dreams.

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