Eliminating Psychological Disorders and Finding Sound Mental Health – A Guaranteed Online Treatment

The scientific method of dream interpretation will immediately give you support. Dream therapy is a guaranteed treatment that will surely help you find sound mental health, eliminating any psychological disorders and mental illnesses that are causing suffering.

Carl Jung’s discoveries concerning the meaning of dreams give new solutions to the world. I continued his research and simplified his difficult method. Now, average people can find peace and happiness by studying the scientific method of dream interpretation using my simplification. They can have access to this knowledge online. They can also directly submit their dreams to me for a professional dream translation.

Your dreams are represented in symbolic form. They work like alarms that protect your mental health from the attacks of the anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience. Your wild conscience didn’t evolve. It is an absurd and evil animal that can think. Its thoughts are based on craziness because it didn’t learn how to find a psychological balance.

Your dreams are reports that help you prevent the destruction of your human conscience by the anti-conscience. They usually reflect dangerous situations; because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams, shows you in a symbolic form, what the anti-conscience is doing against your human conscience.

You ignore the content of your wild conscience. However, the anti-conscience can read your thoughts and interfere with them. The anti-conscience can think logically, but it follows the absurd logic of selfishness. You don’t know that not all the thoughts that pass through your mind belong to your human conscience. Some of them come from your absurd wild conscience, but they appear in your mind as if they were ‘your own thoughts’. The anti-conscience is a tricky devil that pretends to be you in order to destroy your human conscience through craziness. It wants to control your behavior instead of being tamed by your human sensibility and sensitivity.

Your dreams have a mysterious and dangerous aspect because they reflect the dangerous battle existing between your human conscience and your wild conscience. You will eliminate your psychological disorders by eliminating the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience in your thoughts and behavior.

The anti-conscience manages to control your behavior when you agree with its absurd suggestions. The wise unconscious mind shows you in dream messages how to perceive its influence.

Through dream translation, you’ll learn how to transform this absurd content into positive human content. This way, you’ll become a calm and self-confident person. This is a safe and guaranteed treatment that you can absolutely trust because your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that never makes mistakes.

You’ll also develop your intelligence by using all your capacities. Right now many of your extraordinary talents belong to your wild conscience, which occupies the biggest part of your brain. You must learn how to use your entire brain and how to control your behavior before losing your mind. You only have to follow the unconscious psychotherapy in your own dreams.

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