Fight Diet to Lose Weight

MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers and almost all fighting sports follow a strict fight diet to be able to meet one major fight rule and that is to maintain weight. A fighter should not exceed a weight limit, depending on their weight classes. For example, if a fighter wants to compete in the UFC as a lightweight, he should be able to maintain his weight within 153 to 155 lbs. A lot of fighters are finding a hard time losing weight when they’ve exceeded their limit. Here are fight diet tips on how to lose weight effectively and still be in shape, not affecting your energy and strength:

Step 1 – You need determine your daily caloric intake. You should also know how to calculate your metabolism. Metabolism is a huge part of your calories burned in a day Understanding it can enable you to effectively lose weight. Also, you need to write down all the things you eat everyday – your regular meal, snacks and drinks including the contents of every meal. By doing this, you are able to monitor your calories intake. Everyone have different metabolic rates so the best way for you to know how much calories you should eat each day is to consult your doctor or nutritionist. Decreasing 500 calories a day can help you lose 1 pound of fat each week.

Step 2 – Review the list that you had made and decide which food you’re going to cut out or reduce eating. For example, a certain drink in the morning packs 500 calories. You may now replace that drink by just having black coffee instead. By doing so, you’ll lose a pound a week. Cutting or reducing calories and fat intakes will help you lose weight faster.

Step 3 – Look for alternatives for unhealthy foods you were eating before. Reduce the amount of mayonnaise in your sandwiches and sodas that you drink. Just simply replace those with healthier choices like water and mustard instead. Choose lean meats like fish and chicken instead of pork. Avoid eating side dishes like macaroni, cheese, potato salad or fries and replace them with fresh vegetables and salads. Remember to not to put dressing or just have low calorie dressing on your salad.

Step 4 – Have a non-fattening breakfast. Replace pastries, bacon and eggs with high fiber, cereals with low sugar content, yogurt and oatmeals or just have fresh fruits. Do not ever think skipping breakfast would help you lose weight effectively. Having breakfast increases your rest metabolic rate and may reduce you having snacks before lunch.

Step 5 – Drink plenty of water. Having enough water is essential for your health, especially with fighters who trains constantly and tries to reduce weight. By drinking plenty of water everyday, helps you avoid dehydration and gives energy while you train.

Step 6 – To lose weight effectively with fight diet, you need to have daily physical activities. Perform moderate aerobic workouts in training like cycling, brisk walking, swimming and lots of cardiovascular exercises. These exercises not just burn calories but these are also good for the heart. Don’t worry about having too much of these exercises, because cardio is one if not the most important factor in fighting. Having a lot of these will not just help you lose weight but also helps you perform better in the ring or cage.

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