Fitness Strength Training – A Must For People of All Ages

Not so long ago the aging process was a cruel and inevitable downhill slide toward frailty. Reaching the proverbial 3 score and 10 was a major achievement. Someone fortunate enough to reach that ancient age was often too old and frail to even think about enjoying life. The search for a “Fountain of Youth” has been going on almost since time immemorial because of this process.

In this day and age however we can do a lot to avoid the physical problems that used to make old age so depressing. Providing that we take care of ourselves, our bones do not have to lose density, our muscles don’t need to waste, we don’t have to get aching joints and our metabolism does not need to slow down to the stage where we can’t burn enough calories and our wardrobes are full of clothes that are a few sizes too small.

There is a general belief that, apart from fat burning diets, cardio training is all you need to burn fat and lose that unwanted weight. It is true that you will burn calories with walking or running and of course you need a good diet but it is not enough. You also need fitness strength training, or resistance training as it is also called, as that helps to speed up your metabolism which in turn burns a lot more calories. The difference between a cardio workout and fitness strength training is that with fitness strength training you can target specific parts of your body.

I would strongly encourage you to take up resistance training and begin working out regularly. There are great gyms to be found almost anywhere but before you decide where to go, make sure that you have a good look around first. The questions to ask should include; “Is there a good variety of multigym equipment? Are there personal trainers to monitor my program?” Most importantly, have a look around and see if the atmosphere feels right for you.

Doing your fitness strength training regularly at home makes a lot of sense for those of you who, for whatever reason, can’t get to a gym. There are some excellent solutions available to set up a multigym at home that won’t send you broke. There are even some packages that are portable enough to install anywhere in our outside your home and that you can take with you on holidays for family fun and fitness. Please make sure though that, whatever package you decide on, you will need DVDs and/or other clear user guides to make sure that you get the most out of the equipment.

Here’s to a long and happy healthy life!

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