Good Oral Hygiene: Oil Pulling, Hydrogen Peroxide and Diet

How important is good oral hygiene? VERY important! Oil Pulling, hydrogen peroxide and your diet are great places to start to improve oral health. The latest research reveals a connection between the microorganisms or bad bacteria in your mouth and cancer. Good oral hygiene is necessary if you want to remain healthy. There is evidence that the overgrowth of oral bacteria eventually spreads to the bloodstream and can cause everything from as small as mouth pain to as big as cancer and stillbirth. In a study put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they said that participants with poor oral health had a 56 percent higher rate of HPV infection. They believe at least 60 percent of oropharyngeal cancers are related to HPV, but it could be as high as 80 percent.

In the early 1930s, there was a Cleveland dentist named Weston A. Price who researched dental health in other ethnicities. Price traveled all over the world to study the dental health of populations not touched by western civilization including African tribes, Aborigines, Polynesian Islanders and others. His research revealed that dental problems which included cavities, deformities, and crooked teeth were the result of nutritional deficiencies and that they were not inherited genetic defects. Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, good physiques, and resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of native groups on their traditional diets which were rich in essential nutrients.” Price analyzed the foods used by these isolated peoples and he found that it provided at least four times the water-soluble vitamins, calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat-soluble vitamins, (from animal foods such as butter, fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats, eggs and animal fats) than the American diet.

It is reasonable to conclude then that in order to have good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth, a whole foods diet is essential. But what can we do NOW if we have mouth pain, a canker sore, a cavity or maybe gingivitis? Consider these natural remedies for better mouth health:

  1. Coconut oil has some great health benefits for the mouth. It is antimicrobial, which is great for treating minor wounds and skin conditions including the mouth. Using coconut oil in place of regular mouthwash can be beneficial. Oil pulling is a therapy that is said to heal cells, tissue and organs as the body gets rid of its toxic waste such as bacteria, Streptococcus and Candida. It is also said to be great for tooth decay, cavities and teeth whitening.
    Instructions are as follows:

    • Before breakfast, on an empty stomach take 1 TBSP. of coconut oil in the mouth. Do NOT swallow.
    • Swish the oil all around the mouth and teeth for 15 minutes.
    • Spit out and thoroughly rinse with water.
    • You could even use it as a tooth paste:

      • TOOTHPASTE RECIPE: Mix 1 part coconut oil with 1 part baking soda. Add several drops of peppermint oil to mixture for taste.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. A hydrogen peroxide rinse can also do wonders with the bacteria in the mouth. Some people have even claimed that it helped them to eradicate their cavities and gingivitis. Be informed before using hydrogen peroxide, read the label to make sure it is food grade first. See disclaimer.
  3. Rinsing, brushing and even drinking a little baking soda regularly in small amounts is often good for canker sores, not to mention gut! Acidity can be a big problem with people who continually get canker sores or even yeast infections. Consider the benefits of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda in your diet, it is great at helping to balance your body’s pH levels.
  4. For mouth pain, you may want to consider sucking on a whole clove or two for some temporary relief. Soften the clove up first with hot water if you must and then just put it on what ails you. You probably have cloves in your spice cabinet. Cloves have anesthetic and antimicrobial qualities and is sometimes used by dentists to anesthetize the gum before injecting Novocaine. You can also buy clove in an essential oil. Clove oil is used for an upset stomach, bad breath, intestinal gas, nausea, vomiting and as an expectorant which makes it easier to cough up phlegm.
  5. Other natural things to consider: garlic, and peppermint essential oil.

Who would have known that coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint oil, cloves AND a healthy diet could do so much?

Medical Disclaimer: All material is published for discussion purposes only. It should not be relied upon, in whole or in part, as the basis for any medical decision. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition.

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