Gum Disease: 4 Most Common Myths and Facts

Although our teeth should last for lifetime, still most aged people loose their teeth to gum disease. This mainly happens due to some myths which reside in the minds of people. We don’t realize that our habits are taking us slowly towards this disease and we can prevent it; so for staying away from the gum disease the first thing that we can do is getting rid of those myths. In this article we’ll throw some light on 4 such myths and facts:

Myth no. 1: We all have to suffer from gum disease as we get older

Fact: Gum disease has nothing to do with your age – it’s not a mandatory effect of aging. Although it’s more commonly seen in seniors in comparison to teens and youth, still it should be understood that becoming a patient of this disease in the 60s, 70s or 80s of your age is not necessary and can be avoided for sure – only if you take proper care of your oral heath. It is caused by dental plaque, which can happen to seniors and teens both. Smoking and input of certain medicines (which leads to dry mouth) increases the likelihood of getting infected by gum disease. So you can avoid it by visiting your doctor for regular oral health checkups.

Myth no. 2: It’s not a “so serious” disease and will go away itself

Fact: Gum disease grows in your teeth overtime and may not show any symptoms for long time, but it doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly. Doing so can turn out to be hazardous in the old age. It should also be understood that the disease won’t go away itself. It starts with redness around the gums and bleeding, but may lead to more severe problems like pockets around the teeth, which will eventually result in the fallout of jaw if not treated at the right time. So you should take it seriously for avoiding serious outcomes.

Myth no. 3: We can find out the signs of gum disease before it becomes severe

Fact: It’s not an easily-detectible disease. Especially if it is in the early stage, it can be found only via an oral health checkup. That’s why regular oral health checkups are important. A deep cleaning done by professionals will remove the plaque that may be damaging your teeth.

Myth no. 4: It won’t affect other aspects of my health

Fact: This myth is the one of the worst ones in the entire list. Bacteria released by the gum diseases can mix up with your food and go inside the stomach for giving invitation to numerous other diseases. And the worst diseases in that list are heart attack and stroke. Even more, patients with gum disease suffer from more difficulties in managing their blood sugar level during the disease of diabetes. It can also lead to osteoporosis, a disease in which bones become weaker.

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