Have You Immunized Your Team With the FISH! Philosophy, Yet?

Almost twenty years ago John Christensen created the FISH! Philosophy to help improve organizational culture. These practices have now been effectively adopted not only by industry, but also by many educational institutions.

Christensen observed these principles being practiced inside Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market where staff in a fresh fish outlet where actually having fun at work. So he filmed them in the act.

Christensen, who owned ChartHouse Learning noted the success this group was having. The atmosphere and mood they were creating had a flow-on affect with customers… and they sold a lot of fish.

Today, a number of organizations use the FISH! Philosophy to establish a positive language within their workplace and use it also to immunize staff against the ‘common blues’. Put simply, these practices have been creating a better workplace culture for many organisations world over, ever since.

So, what are the four Fish principles?


This comes about by listening attentively to co-workers and customers when they are speaking with you. Look at them in the eyes. Pay attention and acknowledge you understand what they are saying. You will be amazed how much more receptive people can be to you when they know how much you care.


Have fun while working! Happy people tend to treat others well. Not only does having a good time lead to creativity but it also promotes good health. Just being there becomes a rewarding experience making your life more meaningful.


Ask people to join you in the fun. Make light of the situation and help others enjoy the moment. This helps create an energy of goodwill and productive activity. It also takes your mind off your own problems and makes a positive difference to others, too.


You hold the power of choice and it is truly up to you how you will feel each day. You decide! Your personal power grows when you decide to take full ownership of your own thoughts and feelings. You choose your attitude, not the other way around.

We have just started the program at our club only weeks ago and already staff are speaking the same language, people are more driven and there is an air of excitement about the place. Staff are buzzing with energy.

Apply the FISH Principles to your workplace or school and you will see how things change. You will be amazed!

Give your valued staff this worthy booster shot to the arm.

The FISH Philosophy helps staff build supportive relationships and practice personal responsibility. Here are the keys in creating a more effective leadership.

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