Home Gym Exercises For A Total Body Workout

When you are committed to getting yourself in shape there are several options you can choose. Most individuals feel exposed when they go to gyms or fitness centers so they decide to spare no expense in setting up a home gym. The important thing to realize when you have a home gym is that you will be in charge of your exercises and unless you hire one there will not a be a personal trainer. That means you have to be aware of the home gym exercises that will give you a total body workout. So what are these exercises, well read on…

There are at least three areas you should concentrate on those are cardio, flexibility, and strength training. This is the same whether you are male or female. The repetitions you will do and the amount of weight you use will be determined solely on your body type. Most women tend to use 3 to 5 pounds in weights when they first begin strength training, while men are normally around 10 pounds. Keep this in mind because you do not want to injure yourself when doing home gym exercises. So now that we know the three areas to concentrate on and the pounds required when you first begin your home gym exercises lets look at each one individually.

Cardio exercises are meant to keep your heart healthy. Cardio means you are exercising to increase your heart rate as well as lose weight. Some machines you will want to have in your home gym may include a stair climber, bike, or treadmill. These pieces of equipment are the best to keep your heart elevated for the cardiovascular part of your routine. Such things as running, hiking, swimming, and bicycling are outdoor activities that you can certainly bring in doors with a little bit of exercise equipment.

Next let’s touch on flexibility. Flexibility exercises in your home gym are best done with things like yoga that teach you how to stretch your muscles and body. There are of course other programs that teach this, including Pilates. These programs are a step-by-step process that walks you through exercises. It is wise to start out with a beginning level program before moving up to more difficult exercises to give your muscles and body a chance to learn how to stretch and become more flexible. Flexibility helps to keep the blood flowing through your body. The more blood flow the more oxygen you receive and the better your body will feel. It will help your heart as well as help you breathe better and relax.

The third area of home gym exercise is the strength training. This is where exercise machines such as the bowflex come in handy or even dumbbells. Weights help enhance the strength in your arms, legs, and other muscles to keep your muscles toned and your bones strong.

The above information about home gym exercises will help you to keep in shape and workout at home. Home gym exercises should be preceded by a slow warm up and then a cool down period to help your muscles and body exercise.

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