How Is a Mental Illness Cured Through Dream Interpretation?

A dream is a meaningful composition. It contains precious messages sent by the divine unconscious mind. Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams helped me discover a lot more exactly because his discoveries were real. Only Jung managed to decipher the real meaning of the dream language as I prove in my work.

All dream interpretations of the ignorant world seem to make sense, but they are based on suppositions. They seem to explain something about the incomprehensible dream images because dreams are rich expressions that give us many alternatives. This is why the meaning of dreams has been distorted through numerous ways for years. All distortions seem to contain some useful information.

If our dreams didn’t have special characteristics that would make us understand something about their mysterious messages, they couldn’t help us in any way. We don’t know the meaning of the dream language, but we learn something thanks to every dream we have only because we have some information.

The divine unconscious mind must send us secret symbolic messages in a way that only our conscience will be able to understand these messages, and not our anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is the wild side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. It works against our conscience, trying to destroy our logical system through craziness.

The unconscious messages are enigmatic and incomprehensible to our conscience when we try to understand their meaning based on the logic of our conscience. We must learn the dream logic. In other words, we must learn the logic of the dream producer; the wise unconscious mind.

When we get used with the unconscious logic and we learn the meaning of the dream symbols, we are able to immediately translate the unconscious messages. We have clear guidance from the wise unconscious mind. In other words, we can talk with God and learn exactly what to do in order to triumph over life’s challenges. This is a big privilege.

Carl Jung discovered the only method that accurately transcribes God’s words in dreams. Now that I simplified and clarified his complicated and confusing method, everyone can be immediately enlightened by divine wisdom. Now everyone can take advantage of the power of dreams. This advantage will completely change the destiny of humanity.

I teach you everything I know. You can become a dream translator like me and learn even more than I do if you are a serious student. The dream language can be your tool in life if you’ll dedicate some time studying its peculiarities.

I’m generously giving you the map for your salvation from craziness and despair through dream translation after working hard for two decades until I could discover the right directions. I have the moral obligation to help you find solutions faster than me, the same way that Carl Jung saved me when I was neurotic thanks to his extraordinary discoveries.

Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated because the meaning of dreams is complex. On the other hand, he couldn’t see many things that I could see after continuing his research. There were many obscure points in his work that I had to clarify after relating this information to the knowledge I had, based on my discoveries.

I show you the unconscious logic very clearly because I could see the entire content of the human brain. I discovered the absurd and evil anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

I also show you how to eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited by following the unconscious guidance. You can get rid of your dangerous anti-conscience before becoming a victim of your wild side.

A mental illness is cured through dream interpretation because the divine unconscious mind knows everything about the dreamer’s life and about his/her psychological system. The dreamer doesn’t need to give any information to his psychotherapist. The psychotherapist already knows everything about the patient.

The unconscious mind knows exactly what type of information will help you avoid all dangers and evolve. This means that you are somehow enlightened, even if you cannot understand the unconscious treatment. For example, even if you cannot understand why the unconscious mind keeps sending you the same warning, this warning is important, and its repetition is important.

You are cured thanks to the superior knowledge of your divine doctor, which is incomprehensible to you because you are ignorant. The effect that your dreams have in your psychological system is tremendous, even when you cannot understand the meaning of dreams. The projection of dream images is not made by chance. Your dreams follow a logical sequence very well organized because they have a specific purpose. Their production is based on eliminating the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

When you learn the dream language based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and you can clearly understand the meaning of the dream images, you are truly enlightened. This is like discovering a treasure at home. You verify that your own dreams are diamonds.

The knowledge given by the divine unconscious mind in dream messages is very powerful and helps you in all ways. You learn how to always control your behavior and always act with wisdom, how to read people’s minds, how to predict the future and change the facts of your reality, how to positively influence others, and a lot more.

The unconscious psychotherapy is more than just a psychological treatment. It works like mind empowerment and spiritual purification. It helps you evolve and change your reality. It helps you achieve all goals and solve all kinds of problems, no matter how impossible their solution may seem to be with the knowledge you have.

The unconscious wisdom is far superior from the limited human knowledge, which is also distorted by numerous lies. You cannot trust the knowledge of the hypocritical world. The unconscious mind opens your eyes, showing you everything you cannot see. You also have the unconscious guidance forever; not only for a limited period of time. The unconscious mind never stops sending you precious information in dreams.

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