How to Maintain Energy Levels During P90X Extreme Workouts

P90X, the 90-day advanced workout program from Beachbody is tough! Are you one of the many workout enthusiasts that get tired and burned out before the P90X workout is over? When you lose that much needed energy, it’s hard to get through your P90X fitness program.

Keeping your energy level high is as important as the P90X workout itself. Here are some energy boosting tips to help you crush those workouts every time!

Your body runs on energy fueled by food that you eat. If you workout and eat bad food or too much food, you won’t get the most out of your workouts. Pay attention to what you eat in order to get great results and increase energy levels. Another mistake people make is cutting their calorie intake by too much, thinking this method will help them lose more weight. The truth is that when you decrease your caloric intake by too much, your body may think it’s starving and your metabolism can slow down. This bad combination will make it more difficult for you to lose weight and your energy levels will be sluggish.

With an advanced fitness program like P90X, proper nutrition is the only way to maintain the energy levels you need to successfully complete the program. Before starting P90X, read through the P90X Nutrition Guide to determine your daily caloric intake. There is a simple formula that takes your resting matabolic rate, daily activity burn, and calories required for activity. The P90X Nutrition Guide explains it on page five.

If you already figured out your daily caloric intake and still running out of energy during P90X exercises, you can recalculate your daily calorie needs. You may need to add 200 – 300 calories to keep your energy level high. Eat healthy foods to make up those calories, like dried fruits, nuts, P90X protein bars, or Shakeology. Getting nutritious calories will make all the difference. If you eat a bagel with cream cheese instead, you are adding too many calories, as much as 500, of the wrong type of fuel food!

When you eat is another factor in your energy levels that can contribute to decreasing your energy levels during a P90X workout. Are you eating too many hours before exercise? If you eat at noon and exercise 5 hours later, that is too much time without food and you will likely experience that lethargic feeling during your workout.

Stick to a good nutrition plan and eat to fuel your body. Be sure to read the P90X Nutrition Guide before starting your P90X workout program. Remember that good nutrition is as important as the workouts themselves. Stick with it. P90X really works!

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