Ideal Basketball Plyometric Exercises to Jump Higher

The secret to improve jumping skills for basketball are plyometric exercises. These activities help improve the muscles and the reactive strength of your legs. When combined with weight exercises, plyometric workouts will be your way to become an expert in basketball.

Increase vertical jumps by doing plyometric exercises the right way. You should have strength and agility training for basketball. Plyometric workouts both strengthen your muscle and improve your speed for better agility. Also, focusing on your flexibility and power is important. These skills are necessary when playing basketball. Here are useful plyometric workouts you should try:

Effective Plyometric Training and Workout for Basketball

• Strength. To dunk a basketball, you need to have the strength and power to jump. Increasing your muscle strength is necessary to improve your vertical leap. You can do this by having a weekly workout routine focusing on your legs. Exercise and focus on your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. These are important parts of your legs that need to be strengthened to improve your capacity to jump higher. Also, don’t forget to do workouts for the upper body since you use your arms when jumping.

• Power. Speed plus strength equals power. Combination of speed and strength exercises will help improve your power. This is important so you can jump and carry your weight when leaping up. Plyometric power exercises include box jump, squat jumps and power lunges.

• Flexibility. All athletes are required to be flexible. This is important because a lot of movements in basketball require flexibility. Before, during and after a game, basketball players are doing flexibility exercise to loosen their muscles. Stretching properly is a must. This will warm you up and prevent future strains during the game. Stretches for basketball include calf stretch, quadriceps stretch and hanging hamstring stretch.

• Agility. The ability to move quickly with coordination is agility. Every athlete needs to improve their agility to effectively perform during a game. When jumping higher for basketball, it is necessary to have proper body movement and coordination to help you move quickly. Training your muscles with plyometric exercises like jump ropes, box jumps, and other weight and strength workout will improve your agility.

Start training today to improve and increase your vertical jump capacity. Plyometric exercises offer you various options to workout. All you need is dedication and discipline to finish these exercises effectively. You can check on some video tutorials to help you understand each plyometric exercises for basketball. Choose a program that suits you best to help you become the basketball athlete you want.

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