Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For You

When weight loss becomes an issue for urgent attention, people who are determined to lose weight and prevent future weight gain have opted for obesity surgery. Weight loss surgery is a surgical procedure that helps severely obese people to lose weight rapidly. Because it adjust some body parts responsible for weight gain it help patients to keep off the loss.

Bariatric (obesity) specialists are physicians who are well qualified to advice on the best surgical procedures to undergo. Who might qualify for weight loss surgery?

The book Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight suggests the following: “Your doctor may consider surgery if your body mass index is above 40, an indication that you are severely obese. The Mayo Clinic Health Letter suggests: “surgery for obesity is generally recommended only for people between the ages of 18 and 65 with body mass index over 40 whose obesity is creating serious medical risk”(how to calculate body mass index is discussed somewhere else). Youth whose have body mass index of over 40 are strongly advice to see obesity surgeon. Even if medical risks are not very pronounce at this age, the emphasis is on your future health.

Weight loss surgery takes deferent shapes and forms depending on individual patient’s situation. What surgical options are there to fight obesity? We have small-bowel bypass, gastric partitioning, gastroplasty, and gastric bypass. Gastric bypass procedure involves stapling across the top of the stomach, leaving a small pouch that holds only about half an ounce of food. The small intestine is then cut and attached to this pouch. Thus, most of the stomach is bypassed as well as the duodenum

Now should you consider obesity surgery? First be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendation. It may result in series of operation but, healthy weight loss is worth your effort. Severe obesity exposes one to the risk of serious health problems. These include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure that eventually leads to hypertension, numerous life threatening health problems. Did I hear you say may it never happen? We hope so. But action is required. You can reduce excess body fat with obesity surgery if it is applicable in your case.

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