Jelqing Tip #2 – The Importance of Jelqing Symmetry During Penis Enlargement

Jelqing is one basic form of penis enlargement. What is one way to “jelq” properly?

Jelqing or “milking” has to do with the process of re-educating the internal penile cavities that hold blood and blood pressure during the erective state. There are two main cavities and one smaller cavity. The two main cavities lie on either side of the internal tissues of the penis. By using specific exercises, one helps milk blood into these cavities to increase their hemocapacity (blood volume).

Typically this is done with the hands and fingers. This where symmetry plays a role. As the landscape of the fingers is filled with crevices and size differences, if one just jelqs with one hand, then this will alter your jelqing process. For instance, if you are right-handed, you will tend to only jelq with the right hand. This will add a more intense exercise application to one of the two main cavities and will cause a size imbalance between the two cavities. Meaning, one cavity will be more influenced to the jelqing process than the other. Again, this is because the cavities are on both sides of the penis.

What happens is that one cavity will enlarge more than the other. This will restrict your enlargement potential and may cause a lop-lopsidedness, pointedness, or crookedness to your penis.

The key is to make note of how you jelq with your dominant hand. Then, you need to repeat this same hold and use your less dominant hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, make a note of the way you are holding your hand and fingers while jelqing. Then, and this is very important, you need to replicate the same procedure with your left hand. This will allow your jelqing exercises to be balanced, physically equal, and symmetrical. This will give you the best results in size and in penis symmetry upon erection. So, while jelqing, trade off from one hand to the other during the exercise process and utilize the same amount of exercise frequency and time for both hands.

This tip also applies to men using a device for milking. If you just use one hand/arm you will be applying a certain angle and torque to the jelq process. This will also cause an imbalance, even though not as much. It’s best to “switch off” between hands/arms even when using a jelqing device.

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