Jelqing With a Condom – Why it is Important

Lots of material has been written on jelqing. An important aspect of jelqing seems to have gone amiss, and that is the importance of using a condom during the process.

Jelqing is the act of encouraging the cavities in the penis to enlarge their capacity so that they can hold more blood and more blood pressure. The more these cavities can be enlarged, the larger the penis can grow. The techniques for basic jelqing are quite simple. Simply utilize the hands (in some cases some people use devices) to “milk” the blood into the penile cavities.

Using a condom is important in jelqing for two reasons:

1) The hard friction utilized during jelqing desensitizes the penis. Especially the penile head. What good is it to have a large penis if you have decreased feeling and sensation? This is especially important with men who are circumcised, as the majority already have decreased sensitivity. Using a condom will help with desensitization of the penis. Since condoms are also more smooth in nature than skin, jelqing (lube is always required) with a condom is also easier to perform.

2) A condom increases the resistance of the outlying structures. This increased resistance means that you have to work harder to get blood pressure into these cavities while jelqing. It’s like the difference between riding a bicycle downhill or riding a bicycle uphill. You will build more muscles riding a bicycle uphill, as there is more resistance (against gravity) than riding downhill (with gravity).

At first, a condom that is not too tight is recommended. With time and experience, tighter-fitting condoms can be utilized.

As with any enlargement program, a conservative approach is best. Always consult with your health-care provider before performing such enlargement techniques.

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