Kettler Exercise Bike – The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike?

A Kettler exercise bike can be a great way to get yourself back into shape, or to keep the one you’ve already worked for. Depending on the type of bike, and the program you choose to follow, a great deal of lower body muscle can be built, as well as physical endurance and aerobic exercise. A stationary bike is also a good way to help recover from some forms of muscle stress, but be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

But exercise doesn’t stop at traditional cycling designs, either. A recumbent exercise bike uses more comfortable seating, and allows the user to push using more of their lower body. This style of exercise bike is better for building strength in your upper legs and lower abdomen, pushing away from your body in a more lateral way than you would with a regular upright exercise bike. This type of stationary bike is used quite often for physical therapy sessions, but caution should be used for people who are not accustomed to the physical stress of this type of exercise.

One such model, the Kettler TRT307 recumbent exercise bike, combines computer technology with recumbent cycling to give you an exercise program that is guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory results. I like the futuristic design, personally, but there are a lot of great features for this one, including the one-touch program monitor.

For others, the Kettler RX7 recumbent exercise bike has just the features they require. Instead of the vertical pressure used for regular exercise bikes, the recumbent uses more of a horizontal pressure, using a different set of muscles. For many forms of physical training, a recumbent exercise bike makes more sense than a traditional bike, and some forms of training will actually require you to have one.

A Kettler exercise bike has enough features and programs to be important in a home exercise program. The space-saving design means the bike can be stored easily when not in use, but it is still built with the durability required for use in commercial settings, such as a fitness gym.

Now, Kettler exercise bikes are not the cheapest stationary bike. You can expect to spend a little more to get such a blend of technology and performance, but if physical results are what you are looking for, it is more than worth the investment to buy equipment that is both durable and of high quality.

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