Know Dog Parvo Symptoms and Act Fast

The healthiest thing you can do for your puppy is to make sure that he has Parvo Virus immunizations as soon as he is at the right age for it. Also, make sure to attend follow-up visits and boosters as recommended by a qualified animal doctor.

Parvo Virus in Dogs acts quickly to debilitate the digestive system. You will need to work promptly if your dog begins to vomit, experience a loss of appetite or thirst, or have continuous diarrhoea. This is an emergency situation for your dog because he is rapidly dehydrating and literally drying up inside. Your canine may die within hours of you noticing dog Parvo illness symptoms.

Not all dogs experiencing digestive disorders are suffering with the Parvo Virus. There are some distinct signs that you will notice in the dog’s symptoms and behaviour that indicate more likely than not that he is certainly infected with this deadly virus or an illness that is just as life threatening.

o The dog has diarrhea and is unable to control where he deposits his faeces. The faecal matter will have a strong foul odour and most likely be very watery and yellow in colour, it may also be laced with visible blood and have a strong scent of blood or decay.

o The dog is starving of thirst. He may approach his water bowl and whine or cry and you will identify that he is thirsty but isn’t drinking from the bowl of water. He may lie down near the bowl or in common cases he may fall over into the water and be too weak to stand.

o The dog may seem disoriented, lost, or confused. Instead of the usual greeting of a wagging tail from the dog, he may only acknowledge you with a slight raise of his head and a glance at you and then lay his head back down. You may notice that he appears to be lost as he decides to get up and walk to a new location and then seems to change his mind as he turns around and walks back to where he was previously and just lays back down.

o The dog will not eat. He has a complete loss of appetite because his digestion system is in such turmoil from the Parvo virus attacking his intestines. He will not accept food. He recognizes the distress of being starved, but is in so much pain that he cannot do anything about it. He will appear to be poisoned or have symptoms like a human does when suffering from food poisoning.

For the most part, dogs live a long healthy life. However, it is vital that you pay heed to the dog’s illness symptoms whenever you notice him acting strangely. It is especially important to take action in cases where he refuses to nourish and hydrate himself, cannot hold anything in, or seems very weak.

You won’t be able to cure dog Parvo virus, but you surely can prevent it with Parvo shots and by keeping a consistent regimen of timely immunizations. It is possible to effectively treat active Parvo cases when caught early enough, but this is a fast acting viral infection. Make necessary visits to your animal doctor when there are dog illness symptoms or dog Parvo symptoms present.

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