Mental Health, Mental Illnesses and the Labyrinth of Craziness

Dreams reflect the psychical condition of the dreamer, their traumas, their past, their mistakes, their false impressions and many things more.

The truth is that when you decide to write down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method, which gives you a very clear and real translation of their meaning, you make a trip inside your brain and psyche.

You are able to penetrate everywhere and analyze everything.

I had already studied the meaning of our dreams for four years, when I had to disagree completely with the conclusions of Carl Jung, who discovered the only correct method of dream interpretation, and whose steps I was precisely following for two years.

I had to disagree with him and continue the dangerous research he had abandoned because he was afraid of craziness. He knew that it already existed inside the human being, but he could not see exactly where it was or how exactly it could be.

I had the courage to trust completely the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, after verifying its wisdom. Therefore, I was well prepared to face the dangerous primitive conscience that I discovered in the wild side of the human conscience when I continued investigating the content of the human brain and psyche, beyond the point where Jung had stopped.

I saw clearly that all mental illnesses are provoked by the anti-conscience, the violent and animal side of the human conscience that didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience, and I saw also that the only salvation from destruction for the human being, is his obedience to the wise directions of the unconscious mind.

The violent and cruel anti-conscience is too powerful and sneaky: the human being alone cannot fight against it.

The human being is concentrated in the tiny part of the human brain characterized by human feelings and thoughts. He needs the help of the wise unconscious mind in order to fight against the anti-conscience, which constantly tries to eliminate his good qualities and imprison him in the labyrinth of craziness.

This labyrinth is made with false sensations and a rain of thoughts full of hate and swearwords. Many disturbances, like chemical reactions or drugs, prevent rational thinking, and the person is not able to come to any conclusion.

They lose their balance and equilibrium, their movements are difficult and without any precision. Their vision and audition are also distorted and they cannot speak clearly.

Therefore, the person who enters into the labyrinth of craziness, cannot escape it. They are slaves of the anti-conscience, which completely destroys their capacity to think logically and have normal behavior.

Impossible cures can be carried on through dream interpretation, but they take too long when the person completely loses their human conscience.

While in simple cases of depression, neurosis, hysteria, bipolar disorder and panic attacks, the therapy through dream translation takes from 2 to 8 months and it is always successful, the psychotherapy of patients that suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis is a real battle for a long time (it may take from 7 to 15 years), and the results are not as positive as we wish they would be…

Be prudent and protect your mental health! Prevent schizophrenia and psychosis while you can!

If you enter into the labyrinth of craziness, your cure will be a miracle.

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