Mental Health Support – How to Fight a Mental Illness by Following the Unconscious Guidance

Nothing is as depressing as the fact that you cannot understand what is happening to you when you are depressed or irritated. Even the doctors who should be able to help you find it out tell you that they don’t know why you have these symptoms.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams knows everything and will never disappoint you. You only have to learn the dream language according to the scientific method in order to understand the wise messages contained in your own dreams. The dream language works like psychotherapy, providing you the best natural treatment you could ever find. This is a safe treatment that cures all mental illnesses.

You’ll become a psychologist yourself for understanding what provokes depression in the human being and how all mental illnesses can be completely eliminated. The unconscious mind will show you everything that is happening to you and explain why you have each symptom or strange reaction. It will also show you how to control your behavior, so that you may become calm, balanced and wise.

The average human being ignores the existence of a primitive region in the human brain that keeps trying to destroy the human side of our conscience. You’ll not only have this notion, you’ll be able to clearly discern the thoughts that don’t belong to the human side of your conscience when your wild conscience will try to invade the human region.

The unconscious guidance will help you fight against a mental illness while knowing what you are trying to do.

The wild side of your conscience belongs to you because it is your primitive conscience, however it didn’t pass through the same process of development that was afforded to your human side.

You’ll see that the human being is basically a primate with a very tiny human conscience. This means that all your false impressions and wrong concepts will disappear under the light of truth. At the same time, it means that you will be able to evolve, abandoning the absurdity of your primitive self.

Those who ignore the truth will insist on defending an attitude that is in fact imposed by their wild side, without understanding that they are being dominated by the absurdity they have inherited.

You’ll have the privilege of being able to tame your wild side and eliminate its absurdity. This is why you’ll have perfect mental health, self-confidence, and a permanent good mood.

Most people keep repeating the same mistakes in life. They have a bad memory. They cannot learn anything easily or solve their basic problems because they use only a very tiny portion of their brain since the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our wild conscience.

You will use all the capacities that belong to the wild part of your brain on your own behalf because they will belong to your human conscience. This is how you’ll acquire complete consciousness.

You’ll never make mistakes but always act with wisdom, your memory will be excellent, and you’ll attain a higher level of knowledge; thanks to everything that you’ll learn through the guidance of the unconscious wisdom.

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