Natural Weight Loss Alert – Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain

If you thought no-calorie foods and drinks sweetened with artificial sweeteners were your path to natural weight loss-think again! According to psychologists at the Ingestive Behavior Research Center of Purdue University have just validated an already widespread belief that food and drinks containing artificial sweeteners (even those with zero calories) may be destroying people’s ability to control caloric intake and regulate body weight.

Study Shows That Despite “Natural Weight Loss” Claims, Artificial Sweeteners Actually Ruin Internal Calorie Counter

Our bodies are born with the innate ability to learn how to regulate caloric intake (and therefore body weight) based on certain qualities of the food and drinks we consume, such as texture and taste. The taste of sweetness, for example, is one that our bodies learn to associate with high caloric content, and as such, when our mouths detect enough sweetness our brains are triggered to eat or drink less of that substance and stop consuming it before we take in too many calories.

This natural, internal calorie counter of sorts is what helps us keep our weight down (so long as we listen to it, of course-which is the subject of another story altogether). But this natural, internal calorie counter can also be hampered by our own actions, and as Purdue researchers have recently found, replacing sugary foods with those containing artificial sweeteners turns out to be one of those actions.

Simply put, when we consume artificially-sweetened foods and beverages instead of those sweetened with natural sugars, we ultimately lose our natural ability to control our intake of calories based on taste.

The Study’s Observations And Implications for Natural Weight Loss

The study tested rats by feeding some with yogurt sweetened with a form of regular sugar and feeding others with yogurt sweetened with artificial sweetener. What the researchers found was that the rats on the artificially-sweetened diet ate more overall calories and put on more weight (particularly body fat) than their sugar-consuming counterparts.

In this particular study, the specific artificial sweetener used was saccharine, though it is suspected that the similar results will be seen when the same study is performed with other artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame K, and aspartame.

The implications of this discovery are that (so long as we actually listen and adhere to the messages our bodies are sending our brains) continuing to eat foods sweetened with regular sugar helps with natural weight loss whereas eating so-called “diet” foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners hinders those efforts and increases the likelihood that we will habitually overindulge.

Related Research Finds Even More Dangerous Implications

On a related note, other studies of the various artificial sweeteners now commonly used in diet foods as a sugar-replacement could cause (or at least promote) several harmful health problems, including:

o    heart disease
o    depression
o    migraine headaches
o    brain tumors
o    cancer

Artificial sweeteners can also lead to the premature death of brain cells and loss of vital brain synapses and related connecting fibers.

The True Path to Natural Weight Loss

To truly lose weight naturally and get off artificial sweeteners without resorting to an equivalent overindulgence in regular sugar, simply start providing your body with the fuel it needs in other more healthful forms, and you won’t any longer be craving all that sweetness in any form.

Kicking artificial sweeteners is just one part of a complete weight loss program. To learn more about what you can do to lose weight naturally, download the “Experts Guide to Understanding Weight Loss” for free the below link and start getting your weight under control, once and for all.

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