Online Scheduling Services For Mental Health Providers

An online scheduler is a perfect fit for the mental health professional that maintains a solo office. Often times these one person offices use a regular answering service or voice mail to handle phone calls.

Solo Office

The simple fact is that with a solo office there is usually no budget for a full time receptionist. The problem with this is it complicates the process of setting appointments.

When a patient calls and gets an answering service they can’t set an appointment. Ditto with voice mail. Each requires that there is a return call made to schedule the appointment. And if the patient isn’t available when the return call is made there is more wasted time.

Online Scheduler

One good alternative is using an on line scheduling service. This allows a patient to set up an appointment with their initial phone call or they can st up appointments on line. The therapist can even set up appointments through an easy to use interface.

One of the best parts of an on-line scheduler though is that reminder call, e-mails and text messages can be sent out to avoid missed appointments. Plus the therapist can easily check appointments being made from any computer or using an i-phone, blackberry, or other phone that can access the internet or receive text messages.

Then too, what if the therapist requires a scheduled appointment to be changed? It’s easily done with a couple quick clicks of a mouse. The patient will receive a voice call, e-mail or text message telling them that the appointment is canceled and allows them to set a new one quickly and easily.

Back Up The Schedule

Another great feature of using an on line scheduler is that you have a back-up of all your appointments that is securely stored of site. That way if your computer crashes or you loose your appointment book all that information is safely stored just a couple clicks away.


Using an online scheduler saves time and money. Appointments are made or changed easier and reminders are sent out to patients to avoid missed appointments.

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