P90X Review of X Stretch Workout Video

I am just starting out in my body makeover journey and I are aware that incorporating a stretching routine is critical to improve my flexibility and prevent injuries. Stretching and boosting flexibility is one component of nearly all workouts that’s totally overlooked and underrated. I thought the best way to start out is to jump in with both feet and try out one of the more popular and intense workout routines: P90X Stretch.

P90X Program

This program is marketed to transform your whole body in 3 months and contains 12 super-charged, super-intense workout routines. It’s meant to get you from the beginner level to an advanced level of overall body fitness. Many people have gotten fabulous results using the P90X program, therefore i thought the P90X Stretch was a fantastic place to start out.

First of all, it’s about a 58 minute stretching routine, but well worth every minute. P90X Stretch is a thorough stretching routine designed to hit every muscle from neck to ankle. The video takes you through very simple and step-by-step guidance with a large emphasis on breathing. Breathing is a major element in every yoga routines and it’s not overlooked here either.”Stretching is the one thing that will help you achieve a higher level of athleticism over a longer period of time. The X Stretch routine is an integral part of the program that will help prevent injuries and avoid plateaus. The extensive full-body stretches that make up this routine use disciplines from Kenpo karate, hatha yoga, and various sports to ensure that your body is fully prepared to meet all P90X challenges head-on.” Tony Horton, P90X creator.

P90X Stretching Routine

Although this is the “easiest” in the 12 workout programs within the P90X collection, it’s far from a stroll around the block. Tony takes you through every single stretch with a calm tone of voice and he creates a calm mind-set through the stretching routine. At the conclusion of the DVD I felt wonderful; I was peaceful and invigorated.

The P90X program is rigorous to say the least. As stated by Tony, X in P90X stands for extreme. There are changes through the entire exercise routine to allow for the newcomers just like me together with the advanced students with incredible flexibility. This is a handy aspect of this program to help you use these modifications when you’re only starting and then slowly work into the variations as you grow more flexible. Tony will even inform you to listen to your entire body and don’t overdo it. Boosting your overall flexibility is actually a process and will not happen immediately. Continue the program and your entire body will have no alternative but to be transformed into a slim and balanced machine.

Because I work on a computer for hours on end, as many of us do, I’m seeing the need to raise my overall flexibility. Introducing a stretching routine like P90X Stretch to my new workout is setting me up to succeed in many other physical activities, like skating and running. It will in turn also assist in preventing problems while I get started on my journey to obtain my new awesome physique.

I give P90X Stretch a pair of thumbs up. It is an extreme stretching routine, yet it allows newbies to participate. We can easily see what we have to look ahead to when we watch the super-fit course instructors on the DVD.

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