Penis Stretching Exercise – How to Explode the Size of Your Penis Using This Super Simple Exercise!

Hands up those that have searched the Internet for the best method of penis enlargement only to come away with their head spinning?

Carrying out such a search will inevitably lead you to websites telling you to purchase pills pumps and creams. Well, before you take them up on their advice let me save you some time and money. From personal experience none of these methods of penis enlargement actually work!

There really is in fact only one genuine way to enlarge your penis. That way is known as penis stretching!

Now, these stretching exercises can be carried out using what is known as a penis extender. The downside is that the only ones that work are the super expensive models. Buy expensive I mean $500 plus! And even if you did have that kind of cash you would then have to put up with the sometimes painful effects of wearing a penis extender for hours a day.

Not to panic though! There is another form of penis stretching.

May I introduce you to the wonderful world of penis stretching exercises!

These penis stretching exercises can be done with your very own two hands, or sitting on the sofa watching Star Wars (that’s what I do anyway). Each session lasts about 15 minutes. It takes only a few weeks to see a noticeable gain in size and girth.

Now the science bit.

Penis stretching exercises basically involve applying traction with your hands to your penis in various ways. This traction breaks down very cells of the penis. These cells will then grow back larger and stronger than they did before. This in turn means that these cells can hold more blood than they did before which results in a stronger and stiffer erection!

Below is an example of a penis stretching exercise known as The Circle Movement.

— Octane a semi erect penis

— Now take a firm grip and slowly stretch the penis out in front of you

— Hold the stretch for about seven seconds

— No move that stretch and points towards the ceiling

— Again, hold for about seven seconds

— Now, while still stretched start rotating the penis in an anticlockwise direction until you reach your original starting point

— Repeat the above around 20 times

This is just one of many very simple but highly effective penis stretching exercises that can be carried out in no more than 15 minutes per day. These exercises can be found in any good penis enlargement exercise program.

I seriously suggest that you look into these penis stretching exercise programs before completely blowing your hard earned cash on bogus pumps and pills!

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