Pets Are Huge Responsibility But Help To Keep You Healthy And Happy

Pets need regular meals, a freshwater supply, and constant grooming. Depending on the kind of pet you have, they may even need steady mice supply, frequent walks, or daily newspaper change in their cages. Pet caring is similar to raising a kid, but children are eager to get enjoy their freedom as they turn 18. On the other hand, pets are a huge lifetime responsibility for their owners.

Despite the monotony and tediousness, a surprising statistic reveals that more than 65{15aeb35eec840799df247626cfa6821cb9499241e90aba7a245c8546144fd8f4} of households shelter a minimum of one pet. Sheltering pets is an expensive hobby and according to a study, owners spend more than 50 billion on their pets.

With the care and cash spent on them, what does a pet offer? What is the reasoning for this lunacy?

The reality is that the money and time spent on pets is a sensible investment. The owners enjoy happiness and better health in return for the care and cash spent. Every pet owner will agree that their pets make them happy.

According to researchers, pet ownership inclines people to adopt several healthy behaviors. For example, pets need to be taken out and fed regularly after several hours. The pet owners feel needed with such kind of responsibilities, and this enhances their self-esteem. It makes them leave the sofa and take the pet for a walk. It boosts their overall health and happiness. Studies even reported that pet interaction helps the owner lessen the release of harmful neurochemicals and enhance the levels of good feel hormones in their body.

How do pets help to stay well and healthy?

Pet always greet their owner with slobbery wet kisses as he or she returns home after a hectic day. It is an extremely comforting experience. Interacting with a pet seems like a stress relief antidote for the majority of people, at the end of the day.

In a few minutes interaction with a cat or dog or watching fish swim will make you feel calm and relaxed. Actually, your body experiences physical changes as you interact with the pets, which make a huge difference to your mood. It is because cortisol, a stress hormone decreases, and the feel-good hormone serotonin gets increased.

Surprisingly, pets can help you enhance your health in multiple ways.

• It boosts your mood instantly.

• Ease loneliness.

• Betters blood pressure management.

• It lowers the bad cholesterol level.

• Handle and ease depression.

• Pet keeps you moving.

• Faithful workout pal.

• Walking with a pet strengthens your bones.

• It helps in arthritis management.

• Socialize with other pet owners, thus build connection.

• Alerts the owner to eat when it smells glucose level decrease suddenly.

• Some dogs are trained to warn before the occurrence of a seizure, so the person lies down.

• Pet therapy is used in counseling, autism, and rehab program after a stroke.

• Overcome ADHD limitations in a child.

• People with Parkinson’s disease can live an independent life. The dog is trained to touch the feet of the person when he/she freezes due to their Parkinson’s condition. Besides, the dogs are trained to turn the light on, open & close doors, etc., with their paws.

• It is a good companion for senior citizens.

• Children grow up in an active and secure environment with pets.

Pets add unconditional love and a real joy to your life. The main reason is pets fulfill a basic human need – ‘TOUCH’. Hugging, stroking, or cuddling a furry friend offers sensory stress relief and induces calmness.

Less common pet options for health benefits

Besides cats and dogs, there are other less common pet options for enjoying health benefits.

• Rabbits – People allergic to dogs and cats can choose a furry rabbit as their companion. It has lots of energy and needs low maintenance. The pace a bunny rabbit needs is less and is a great alternative for those living in an apartment.

• Fish – Fish tanks are seen in care homes, medical facilities, or dental clinics. It is there for a reason. Watching fishes swim in the tank has proven scientifically to reduce your heart rate and stress level.

• Lizards & snakes – Reptiles may seem cold but are the owner’s best ally. People allergic to furry animals can choose these exotic and unusual pets. The reptiles get attached to their owners and raise their neck for getting petted.

• Birds – If you are elderly or stay alone, a pet birds encourages social interaction. You can talk and teach them tricks, which helps to sharpen your cognitive function.

Before you commit to becoming a pet owner consider your finances and health to deal with the demand of the new member, you desire to add to your family.

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