Physical Activity and Low Calorie Diet – Can Lead to a Healthy Weight

VLCD, or very low calorie diet, is a diet supervised by doctors that uses commercially prepared formulas that are supposed to promote weight loss in a rapid way, especially so for people who are really obese. The formulas actually include shakes and bar in liquid to replace whatever food intake of the obese patent for a long run of several weeks, or even months.

Although this diet is very low in calorie, appropriate amount and levels of micronutrients plus vitamins should be also present in it so that the patients will still meet their nutritional needs and requirements.

Sometimes, some doctors will also prescribe this diet to be made up of almost lean protein foods, like chicken and fish, entirely. And it is noted that people who are on a VCLD consume only about eight hundred calories per day, or sometimes even less.

Now, being overweight can really cause us a lot of different problems; health ones, particularly. So, it is in this juncture that a diet containing of low calorie is needed in order to balance your body weight with your height. In order for you to do this, you have to make sure that you consume the proper amount of calories that a person in your age, activity level, and other factors is supposed to take.

Lower calories diet should also be packed with minerals, fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Now, if you ant to couple this diet with activities that will even help you improve more and gain weight less, you need to engage in physical activities too.

But then the first thing you need to do is to have the understanding of the relationship of between the energy intake you make, this means the energy you get by the food you eat and the beverages, and energy that you are supposed to use, this means through the activities that you normally do. The formula here is simple, if you want your weight to drop down a bit, have less energy intake and have more energy uses.

A lot of people now-a-days are already becoming slowly aware that acquiring a healthy weight is not done only through eating healthy but also by doing the right physical activities to complement this eating. In the process of doing the correct physical activities, you are also helping yourself in burning the excess amount of calories that you are taking. It is as simple as this: whenever you take in food, the amount of calories in your body actually increases, so in the process of doing these regular physical activities, you are balancing things in your body.

Now, for example, you are an overweight person, and you are so intent in concentrating and doing everything you can in order for you to prevent adding more weight, any small attempt in doing so, like decreasing your consumption of sweetened foods, can make a difference in the long run. You know the saying: big steps come from small ones?

And if you want to remain and maintain the same weight, and don’t want to decrease or to increase, then burning calories will do you good. This is possible by again doing physical activities. Remember that having a healthy weight can also help in reducing all chances of having all kinds of diseases. Simple, activities like running, walking, stretching, bending, dancing, or swimming are already giant steps in burning the unwanted calories.

It is important to take note that low calorie diets are not really the secret magical solution that we truly need. They can not also sustain and maintain the healthy weight reduction by themselves alone. Physical activity and exercise should always accompany this VLCD in order that we may attain a reduction of weight that is still considered healthy and safe.

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