Sinus Headache – 5 Ways to Use Shiatsu For a Sinus Headache – Nurse’s Secret!

Sinus headaches with their congestion, pain and the accompanying fatigue plague millions of sufferers. Often sinus headaches and migraines have similar symptoms and it may be hard to know which you have. A natural sinus treatment is always the best way to go if possible. Assuming you’ve already done some home remedies like saline nasal irrigation to help get rid of your headache, sinusitis or chronic sinus infection, you can try using some Shiatsu cures to see if you can stop it.

First of all you want to immediately irrigate the sinus cavities. Once you’ve irrigated the cavities you can try to help turn the headache around. Once a sinus headache gets a grip it takes awhile to turn it around. So if you can, start working on your sinus busters if you feel a headache is going to start or as soon as you notice a slight throb.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage-type therapy based on anatomy and physiology and is a licensed medical therapy with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.

Shiatsu can be used to apply pressure to the energy pathways, called meridians, which can open your blocked nasal and sinus passages and help relieve the pain caused by sinus pressure, sinusitis, sinus infections or irritation of the nasal or sinus passages.

The location of your headache will be related to the sinus cavities affected. You have four sets. If you don’t know which cavities are affected, then try all the shiatsu therapies below to relieve pain, pressure and/or congestion. In some cases these treatments will relieve pain and/or open sinus and nasal passages even if you don’t have a headache.

1. Take your index fingers and gently press with the pads just under the bony ridge at the inner side of your eyebrow. Press and release gently a few times.

2. If you’re having a frontal sinus headache, find the web between the index finger and thumb and squeeze tightly for a few one to two minutes and repeat as necessary. Use your thumb on top. Don’t use this one if you’re pregnant.

3. Find the Shiatsu point that is just below the cheekbone, it should be level with your pupil. Press gently upwards for a few seconds. This will also help with any eye pressure and help relieve congestion that may be contributing to your headache.

4. If you have a frontal headache measure one-finger width above the eyebrow and level with your pupil, then using your thumbs press against your forehead.

5. An easy method is to press your index fingers for several seconds on the outside of the nose in the crevices.

Try out these 5 therapy methods when you don’t have a sinus headache if possible, to get a good feeling for them. Remember to try nasal irrigation first as your first line of defense and then work on stopping or relieving the pain and congestion. If you continue to have sinusitis and chronic sinus problems and cannot relieve the problems with Shiatsu and irrigation, and don’t know the cause, then consider allergies to milk, eggs or wheat and other gluten grains. You can get rid of your sinus problems forever. Many former sufferers have done it and done it without surgery.

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