Skechers Shape Ups – Weight Loss Shoe Review

One fitness trend that has increased in popularity over the last few years is the use of weight loss shoes. These shoes are designed in such a way so that more calories are burned just by walking in them compared to regular shoes. There have been many products introduced and one such shoe by Skechers called Shape-Ups deserves a closer look. In this article we will present a concise review on this shoe.

For a little background the science behind weight loss shoes is based on solid fundamentals. The shoe simulates walking on sand, and fitness experts have realized that this is a great way to get in shape. When you walk on sand it makes you slightly off balance and it forces you to use more of your muscles as you walk. The Shape-Ups by Skecher are designed to do just this with the rocker design of the sole. The heel and sole are angled in such a way so that it makes you feel like you are walking on stilts, or standing on top of a mattress. This keeps you slightly off balance and forces you to use additional muscles in your feet, calves, thighs, and mid section. Since you burn more calories when you use your muscles you will theoretically lose more weight.

The Skechers Shape-Ups claim that by wearing their shoes you will not only lose weight but have in improved posture and a firmer mid section as well. There are other benefits as well such as helping increase muscle tone in your legs and calves, and possibly relieving back pain and tension. The shoes are designed so that to even walk in them you must have a straight back on flat stomach which helps you to burn extra calories.

Some people wear the Shape-ups all the time or on schedule power walk work outs. The first few times you put them on your leg muscles will be sore and your feet will hurt while you walk in them. This goes away after a while and you get used to how they feel and how to walk in them. You do not want to use these shoes for jogging, as walking is perfect for them. You can walk on flat surfaces, but for a really good burn you can use them to walk up and down hills.

I found almost everyone who wears these shoes and works out in them regularly will gain some benefit from them. The most common improvements are an better posture, strengthening the leg muscles, toning your calves and abs, and some weight loss. These shoes will not make you feel like you are walking on sand, but the rocking motion does make you feel like you are standing in a boat, and this requires effort to walk in them.

You can find these shoes at most retailers online. They are somewhat pricey and range from seventy five dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars. To be quite honest I do not find them particularly good looking, but if they provide a health benefit it really does not matter to me. They are big and awkward looking, with that rocker sole. Sketchers offers the Shape-ups in different styles from a traditional tennis show look, to darker leather type shoes that look more casual formal. Overall, I recommend these shoes and think you will find that they are beneficial and a good investment in your health.

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