Slam Dunk Master – The Best Explosive Strength Training Exercise For Basketball is Right Here!

Strength training workouts for basketball have to be structured to improve on your athleticism. If your strength training drills aren’t designed to do this then your program is flawed and your competition will be dunking over you in front of crowds all season long! I know that you don’t want that.

As a strength and conditioning specialist and professional that has trained athletes and serious fitness enthusiast for over 8 years I know you want to be at your best when you step on the basketball court. As a professional if I had to pick one single exercise to give to you in order to improve your game it would be the single arm overhead kettlebell snatch! By now you may be familiar with the ancient kettlebell and understand that this device has been around and used by the world’s greatest athletes and strongmen. Champions have used this device to build everything from speed, power, explosiveness, and superior conditioning. The overhead snatch is an olympic style lift that encompasses all of these physical traits that will turn you into a slam dunk master!

To perform the overhead snatch you must have an understanding of proper kettlebell technique and knowledge of a couple of prior lifts. Before completing the overhead snatch you need to have prior knowledge of the correct way to execute the single arm kettlebell swing and high pull. To describe this explosive strength training exercise it basically involves you vertically and explosively pulling the kettlebell from between your legs and locking it out overhead. This is done by pulling the bell with one arm up to a lateral position to your head. To do this you must rapidly flex and extend at both your hips and knees to generate the force to get the bell up to the lateral position to your head. The key is to make sure that the bell stays in line with your forearm and that it is stable (no wobbling). This movement should mimic you pulling back on a bow. Once the bell is at the lateral position to your head then simply punch your palm vertically to the sky and lock your elbow and shoulder into place. Make sure to not let the bell bang or slap the back of your arm. If it does this then you either have a flawed technique or the weight is too heavy.

This single strength and conditioning training exercise is flat out the best at getting your body into basketball shape. If you haven’t included the ancient kettlebell into your own personal program then you are holding back your progress. I’ll even make it easier on you by encouraging you to access my other articles. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart!

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