Stimulate Growth Hormone For Longevity With Strength Training

Most of us would agree that the quality of our life is at least as important as the length of it. It does not matter how many candles are on our birthday cake but it does matter how we look, feel and perform over the course of our lifespan.

The average life expectancy is about 76 to 77 years now. It could be much higher, even well over 100 years but up until recently lack of knowledge let people phase out their bodies, letting them break down with age like some old car or building.

Modern medicine is organized for the purpose of treating symptoms with drugs. It can not and does not educate people to correct their dietary and metabolic flaws to be healthier, stay young and live longer enjoyably.

Now we know it is possible to improve almost every aspect of our body – muscle and bone mass, metabolic improvement, healing time, organ function and regain a youthful appearance – by changing our metabolism and our body chemistry.

Aging primarily results from a disorder in the body’s metabolism which is the chemical processes that control growth, energy production and waste removal. When we are young our metabolism is working at a high level, and the body can restore, rebuild, and repair tissues and systems quickly and efficiently.

As we approach middle age, weakening glands cause our hormone levels to shift and the brain receives signals of a weakening, faltering biological system and goes into a gradual “shut-down” mode. It assumes that it is time to start the process of clearing this organism from nature’s landscape and changes the metabolism to catabolic – breakdown mode and we are on the way out!

Studies have shown that the single most common factor in long-lived people around the world is the retention of their muscle mass. This suggests that their metabolism is more geared towards growth and repair, as well as the fact that their lifestyle is active.

It is easy to replicate this situation with a proper exercise program that contains at least 60 percent strength training exercise to keep ones muscle intact right through ones life.

Instead of a degenerating, toxic, flabby shell targeted to be phased out, the right exercise coerces the rejuvenation of a healthy body by signaling the brain to change the metabolism. Better hormonal secretions from healthy glands tell the brain not to go into “shut-down” mode, or can stop this happening if it is already in progress.

The right exercise such as strength training releases natural human growth hormone. This is a protein hormone that is highly beneficial in rejuvenating the body, restoring energy levels and for strengthening the immune system reducing the risk of some life threatening disease that can take you out prematurely.

Strength training exercise is proven to be more efficient at stimulating the release of this growth hormone more than any other form of exercise. To receive maximum benefits make sure you get the help of a gym instructor or fitness professional to get properly set up your exercise program. It is important that you do things correctly otherwise it is unlikely that you will be able to train at the right level of intensity to stimulate the body into producing this “fitness hormone”.

You will be rewarded with so many benefits you will be amazed. You can restore healthy levels of body fat, younger looking skin, become stronger and fitter and enjoy increased energy levels that will make you feel 20 years younger. Better overall health and increased longevity will then be yours for many years to come.

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