Swine Flu 2010 Virus

Unfortunately, it is unknown if this new strain is more mild or more severe or if people who have already received the swine flu vaccination will continue to be protected.

The variations in the swine flu were first noticed in Singapore but quickly spread through Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, manufacturers of vaccinations once again have to scramble to start developing a new product to offer immunization against this new strain. In the meantime, it is quite possible that anyone infected and traveling to other parts of the world will be putting the population at risk.

Swine Flu Around the World

Asia and South America have been hit the hardest with the swine flu as of November 2010 however, since Europe and North America are only beginning their long flu season, those statistics are expected to change. The highest activity thus far has been Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

There has been cases of the H3N2 strain reported as well in the United States and the individuals were from different areas and had no direct contact with each other. Additionally, Hong Kong has seen an H5N1 influenza case that was reported to WHO on November 17, 2010. Unfortunately this individual has traveled quite a bit recently to areas such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, so these areas will need to be closely monitored for any cases and possible outbreaks.

Predictions for 2010

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer made the prediction at the turning of the new year that the swine flu would be the primary strain seen for the coming season. Because of this, Australians were strongly urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible because they believed the spread of the virus would be seen sooner than the seasonal flu.

Anyone over the age of six months was encouraged to receive immunization and children under nine years old were required to receive two shots. In less than two months, seven million doses of the vaccine were administered. It has been reported that the Swine Flu 2010 virus has affected people primarily between 5 and 64 years old which is significantly younger than the 85 year old age group that the seasonal flu commonly targets.

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