The Medical Matrix of Penis Enlargement

In medicine, a matrix is defined as a structure or surrounding substance that allows something to develop within it. A good example of this is the womb. How does this apply to natural penis enlargement?

The medical matrix for the penis lies in two categories. We have the internal matrix of the penis that consists of the fibrous tissue that contains/covers the three cavities that engorge with blood to create an erection. Then we have the matrix of the penis itself, which is the overlying skin.

Just the simple matter of creating an erection is a matrix process. We have an internal change in the penis (it engorges with blood) which results in an erection. This is the most basic form of penis matrix and is a normal physiological process.

If we approach the penis-matrix from a point-of-view of penis enlargement, we can change the internal structures to add two different matrices to the penis. The first is by encouraging more blood into the penis in the inner cavities. While the surrounding tissue (of these inner cavities) is quite fibrous and strong (it gives definition to these cavities), through the process of jelqing or “milking” the penis, with time, this fibrous structure will self-modify itself (through the exercises) to allow these cavities to handle more blood and blood pressure. This fibrous covering still maintains its structural abilities. This enlargement process is not an overnight change; as it takes time to re-educate the fibrous-protective tissue, but nonetheless, the matrix of this fibrous tissue will give way to the birth of engorgement cavities which can hold more blood. This internal-penis matrix is part of understanding the penis enlargement process through natural exercising.

The outer matrix of the penis is the skin. A quite pliable and flexible covering. It, too, will allow the internal tissues of the penis to enlarge and will still maintain its structure and function as an external matrix. Think of it like a person who is obese. The added adipose tissue (fat) internally will increase the size of the body. The matrix of the skin responds by allowing this process to take place and (the skin) stretches during the process to compensate for the change which has occurred internally in the body.

There is also an indirect third matrix of penis enlargement. This is the associated muscles, tissues, fascia, ligaments, and tendons of the pelvis that interrelate to the penis and can act as a matrix, too.

Understanding the matrices of the penis is an important step in understanding how natural penis enlargement works through exercising.

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Georg von Neumann

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