The Origin Of Every Mental Illness

You have to find out the meaning of life because you need this important information in order to understand what you must look for when you think, in order to solve your problems, and in order to make the right decisions.

If you don’t know the meaning of life you don’t know what to desire, or how to achieve your goals.

Since you have a conscience, you can think. However, you also have an anti-conscience, which can think too, but is a self-destructive primitive conscience that thinks in a very low conscious level. All its thoughts end up in terror and despair.

So, you have a terrible enemy in your brain that doesn’t let you respect the rules of logical thinking, and distorts the meaning of everything through illogical thoughts that have a logical appearance. These thoughts block logical thinking and generate mental health problems because they lead to craziness.

This fact is clearly revealed in your dreams. Now that the dream language was completely comprehended thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after following his steps you can have the information you need.

God shows you the meaning of life in your dreams, and He gives you many explanations about your mental health problems. You have an alternative that humanity couldn’t have before my simplifications and clarifications because someone had to discover the existence of the anti-conscience in order to completely understand the meaning of the dream language.

Now you can see your reality as it really is. So, you can understand that you make many logical mistakes because you are misled by your satanic anti-conscience.

This is an unpleasant verification, but since you are in danger, you will be in a better position if you will protect yourself instead of disregarding the bitter truth.

Many people believe that mental illness can be justified based on simplistic explanations. They don’t believe that a mental illness is a real disease that destroys the person’s capacity to think logically, and they disregard the fact that many unbearable symptoms accompany a mental illness.

However, mental illnesses are real diseases, and they are worse than physical diseases.

Your dreams show you the truth about your mind and your behavior. You have the impression that you are a reasonable person because you don’t pay attention to your mistakes.

Dreams work like an X-ray that shows you what is happening in your brain with precision. Therefore, through dream translation you can understand the origin of every mental health problem.

Most people indifferently let their anti-conscience destroy their conscience because they don’t want to offer resistance to the impositions of their wild conscience and to the impositions of the hypocritical world.

Now that the existence of the anti-conscience was discovered, you must change your attitude and stop repeating the mistakes of previous generations.

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