Thinking of Traveling in Greece? This Travel Guide Will Help You

Greece is an easy place to visit and enjoy, as no immunizations are needed and credit cards work great. There are ample ATM machines with instructions in English. Almost everyone in Greece speaks at least some English.

The recommendation is to pack lightly as shopping is part of the fun in Greece with extensive variety and styles available.

If you are from a small list of countries, you will need a VISA. This list can be found at the Greek consulate or embassy. In planning your trip, it is good to work with a knowledgeable Greek at a travel agency.

If you plan to see the Greek islands, ferry boats are the best way to do this. They are inexpensive, relaxing scenic. If you plan to go to some of the farther islands, the ferries usually leave in the evening. You will want to book a cabin ahead of time as it is nice to go to sleep in your cabin and wake up in the morning on your Island of destination. During the week of Easter, around August 15th and Fridays in July and August, these ferries are quite full. It is best to plan you trips in advance to be sure to get a space.

Also plan to stay in Athens a couple days before your flight leaves as the ferries can sometimes have mechanical problems and you could miss your flight if you were relying on the ferry to get you there directly at flight time.

There is not always direct access between every island. Sometimes a trip to another island may require a trip to the mainland first. Two, Three, Four and Five island combination packages are available.

Each Greek Island offers unique enjoyments and beauty. Here is a summary of the main islands and their appeal.

Sifnos – This is Great island for children as the beach at Karmari is shallow. There are many cafes and restaurants near. Located here is one the the most beautiful beach towns in Greece, Platyialos.

Lesvos – A country in itself, it is the third largest island and contains mountains, two inland seas, pine forests, and olive groves. The seas provide a wide variety of marine and wildlife. It is a great place for birdwatching. It also contains medieval castles, ancient ruins and a Turkish bazaar-like city market.

Santorini – This is the number one destination in Greece. It has a giant volcanic caldera whose drama rivals that of the Grand Canyon and is known for its beautiful romantic sunsets. It is great for honeymooners.

Ios – This island is great for people under 25. It is known as a perpetual party place for the young.

Mykonos – Visited by almost every famous person, it has many white cube houses and amazing beaches. The famous clothing-optional Paradise Beach is there.

Rhodes – The southern part of this island is a mecca for windsurfers. Rhodes also contains the walled fortress of the castle of the knights of Saint John and has great beaches, nightlife and some of the most beautiful scenery in Greece.

Paros – This island is famous for watersports and is the windsurfing capital of the Greek Islands.

Mainland Greece is best explored by taxi or a share limos which can be less costly then large tours.

Some great places to see on the mainland are the region of Peloponessos which is known as the true Greece. It is known for its great beaches, seas, mountains, and rich archeological sights. It has interesting towns such as Githeon and the Byzantine city of Mystras overlooking Sparta. Other attractions are the Diros Caves and the volcano at Saritorini. The Mount Pelion Peninsula is known as the Colorado Rockies of the Aegean.

Athens is a place you must see if visiting Greece. Transportation is easy with access to buses, taxis and ferries. The metro station will get you to the island ferries.

You might want to stay in the number of towns bordering the Acropolis. The Monastiriki Flea Market, Atticka Zoological Park and Museums such as the Benaki Museum and National museums are places to see.. The downtown area is a shoppers paradise with access to inexpensive gold jewelry.

Greece offers a world of entertainment in itself. About everything you would want to see or do on a vacation can be found there.

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