What You Should Look For in a Mineral Supplement

In order to stay healthy you need to intake the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. The trouble is that far too often we do not get the necessary quantities and so you need to assess your dietary supplements and evaluate what is the right vitamin or mineral supplement for you and what you should look for in a such a supplement.

Before we go any further it’s important for you to realize just how important the type of mineral supplement you take is to your overall health. For example, too often a person buys and takes a chelated vitamin and mineral supplement that by everything that is written on the packaging should be adequate to ensure dietary needs. The problem most people don’t realize that with a compound, or even chelated vitamin or mineral supplements you will not receive more than 25{15aeb35eec840799df247626cfa6821cb9499241e90aba7a245c8546144fd8f4} of the value and most times it’s much less.

In order to actually get the required amount you must take a liquid mineral supplement and liquid ionic minerals are actually the best. Liquid mineral supplements are water based so the absorbency is nearly 100{15aeb35eec840799df247626cfa6821cb9499241e90aba7a245c8546144fd8f4}. Therefore you’ll actually get the benefit of the supplement.

Few would argue that having the right daily servings of fruits and vegetables is a good way to get the necessary vitamins and minerals and that this option is far better than taking a vitamin or mineral supplement.

The problem is that the food we eat no longer contains the nutrients is should and so as a result we actually don’t get the necessary minerals even if we do eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals are referred to as micronutrients. Your body isn’t able to make micronutrients and so you must either get them from the food you eat or from supplements. Taking a mineral supplement is a good way to compliment your diet and ensure you are actually getting the necessary nutrients.

Whole foods are your best source for both vitamins and minerals. The offer a greater nutritional value because they are complex, and they also provide the necessary fiber that is part of a healthy diet. Let’s also remember that they provide the nutrients our body needs to build a healthy immune system and protect us from illness and disease.

So who should take mineral supplements? If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, have a diet high in whole grains, lots of fish, and lean meats and if you do this every day you may not need a supplement. But if we are being honest, most of us don’t eat right every day and so for most of us a mineral supplement is necessary.

The following should definitely have liquid ionic minerals in their diet.

* You eat less than 1500 calories a day

* You have food allergies

* You have had surgery on your digestive tract

* You don’t eat well every day

* You are a vegetarian

* You are a woman who has heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle

* You are pregnant or breast feeding

* You are postmenopausal

* You are on medication that can excrete nutrients from your body

* You suffer from chronic diarrhea

Before purchasing a vitamin or mineral supplement you need to read the label and make sure that you know what you are getting. You also want to know how much you should take and how often. Remember that a liquid mineral supplement is going to allow you to absorb a much higher amount of the minerals and therefore they will be much more helpful to the body. Minerals are food to the body so taking a quality mineral supplement just makes good health sense.

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