Why Core Strength Exercises Are Vital to Athletes

Core strength exercises that target the abdominal muscles, the obliques, and the muscles of the lower back, facilitate dynamic athletic performance.

While many athletes spend hours each week building up their arms, chest, and legs; they often give little thought to one important muscle group. The often neglected core muscle group is vital to athletic performance. Because the muscles of the core provide stability and tie the other muscles together, they are central to almost all athletic endeavors.

Think of a golf swing or a pole vault. Notice how all the muscles of the body must coordinate in order to get the maximum result. Imagine a shortstop fielding a hot grounder. Visualize a basketball player twisting toward the basket.

All of these athletic activities involve the intense use of the core muscles. While a big chest or bulging arms may look impressive, a superior athletes secret weapon may be their well developed core muscles.

Core strength exercises can greatly increase an athletes ability. There are so many ways to increase your core strength and boost your athletic ability. When you think of core exercises, do not limit yourself to sit ups and crunches. The world of core training has long since advanced beyond these gym class exercises.

Core strength training exercises include jumping exercises such as plyometrics. They include strength building yoga workouts and such diverse disciplines as kenpo karate and core synergistic exercises.

In order to become the best athlete you can be you need to include as much of these dynamic disciplines to your on season and off season workouts as possible. The world of competitive sports is becoming more and more competitive. Athletes are looking for any advantage over their competition.

While others turn to unhealthy and illegal alternatives such as steroids, you can gain your advantage by building up all areas of your body. You can build up the important core muscles that other athletes neglect.

You can still strive to build up the rest of your body, but be sure to give your core the attention it deserves with these advanced core strength exercises and gain a big advantage over your competitors.

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