Alternative Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease?

According to most LLD’s, antibiotics are the surest way to cure Lyme disease, chronic or otherwise.

For a wide variety of reasons, antibiotics are out of the question as a treatment, along with the inherent dangers involved with taking antibiotics long-term which has both forced the marketplace and medical science to find other solutions; but also opened a door to a creative process that may otherwise have been completely ignored.

Some of the alternatives have been covered extensively in other blog posts here and many other places as well, and the following procedures will most definitely be covered in more detail here in individual posts at a later date. The irony regarding many of these alternative treatments is that they could be more dangerous than the long term antibiotics. But the desperation that most of us feel year after year without the energy to function as a normal human pushes us to want to take greater and greater risks if it means regaining our lives.

The Rife Machine is named after a scientist who lived at the turn of the century and developed an instrument suggested to have destructive effects on different pathogenic organisms using sound. Various microorganisms have specific tolerances for radiation frequencies and can be destroyed if the frequency is high enough. The Rife Machine would be adjusted to different frequencies to specifically target the type of pathogen affecting patients. All species and molecules have unique resonant frequencies so nothing else except the target would be destroyed.

Unfortunately, most all of Dr. Rife’s work was destroyed by competitive medical peers and those who have tried to re-create his research have been black-balled – so much so that it is now illegal to build, market or sell “Rife” machines. It is very unfortunate that some unscrupulous marketing specialists earned a fortune selling “Rife machines” guaranteed to cure cancer, and he went to jail, and the term “Rife machine” is off-limits. Forgive me for saying that it may not be such a horrible thing because there are actually several different types of technology that are based on Dr. Rife’s original machine which was confusing to people who were ill – especially with Lyme fog.

Frequency Generator

The Rife Machine is basically a frequency instrument. Although the theories behind pathogen destruction through specific resonance frequencies are correct, there are certainly factors beyond the scope and limitation of the technology. Dealing with hundreds of trillions of frequencies cannot guarantee that the machine can successfully and accurately target present pathogens.

There are hundreds of trillions of resonant frequencies pertaining to various molecules and species, and Frequency Generators are usually adjusted within the 10-100 MHZ range. Some have reported that the instrument can cure cancer, Lyme, herpes, tuberculosis, typhoid, tetanus, influenza, spinal meningitis and polio, however, there are not any scientific peer-reviewed studies to support these claims.

Modulating polarity is one useful function of Frequency Generators which prevents bacteria and viruses from reproducing. It has successfully been used in products such as the ionic toothbrush that prevents decay and tartar. Polarity techniques are also very helpful for individuals that are considered more sensitive during treatment such as pregnant women and geriatric and pediatric patients.

NOTE:There are also lethal risks involved frequency generation that should be carefully considered with respect to immuno-compromised patients. Frequency generators can aggravate symptoms or even cause death without the support of a healthy immune system or if used improperly.

Multi-Wave Oscillators

A powerful Tesla Coil is the foundation of the Multi-Wave Oscillator which was created in the 1920s. The idea was to place patients between two round antennas that bombarded electromagnetic waves safely. The oscillator aim to eradicate destructive cells such as cancer, viruses, parasites, protozoa and bacteria. Most recently, this technology has been used to eradicate Lyme disease and many co-infections, however, there are not peer reviewed studies for the mainstream medical community to accept the Coil machine as a viable treatment. Even without the promise of a cure, frequently swelling and inflammation are reduced which offers immediate relief to a very painful condition.

EMEM Machines

“Square wave no negative offset” is the term used to describe the waveform that results when DC electricity is disrupted regularly. The resulting “pulsed” energy is run through EMEM machines that have the same effect of hopefully eradicating bacteria and other pathogens. The difference is that the pulsed energy is a whole lot safer to humans with no known side effects. The energy running at 20 up to 10,000 hertz are as safe as cellular phone signals but can be helpful to Lyme disease patients.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the use of oxygen with pressure higher than the normal atmosphere for treatment of various medical conditions. In conjunction with its use, HBOT is normally applied in a hospital setting for treating a variety of conditions like tissue necrosis and non-healing wounds, anaerobic bacterial infection, decompression sickness, gas embolism, compartment syndrome, stroke, ischemia, anemia and chronic refractory osteomyelitis.

Medical doctors determined to find possible cures prescribed HBOT for the treatment of Lyme disease knowing that spirochetes hate oxygen, and hoping that the intense infusion of ozone would destroy the bacteria.

Ozone is less stable but more active than oxygen. Ozone therapy is then recommended to deliver oxygen back to tissues and cells needing it. It is the only known application that successfully provides oxygen to remote parts of the body that in effect, boosts the immune system and disease fighting agents of the body against Lyme disease.

Anaerobic Lyme bacteria also thrive in unoxygenated areas so increasing oxygen levels through ozone therapy can effectively destroy the pathogens and alleviate symptoms related to the illness. Ozone also increases arterial partial pressure to certain levels that may be intolerable to Lyme bacteria.


Perhaps the most new and exciting treatment, Hyperthermia is NOT to be confused with ICHT which was an illegal scam in Germany costing $20,000 (The doctor in charge went to jail).

Hyperthermia (also known as thermotherapy) wherein body cells and tissues are exposed to high temperatures with the aim to disable and destroy malignant cells and pathogens. Hyperthermia has been developed and is primarily used for the treatment of cancer, usually done in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Hyperthermia basically makes dangerous cells and pathogens more vulnerable to radiation since radiation alone may not effectively destroy them. The process may also cause minor damage to healthy cells and tissues. Hyperthermia and radiation treatment are usually done one after another in a single-hour interval.

Due to the success of the procedures done thus far, other pathogenic conditions like Lyme disease are also being tested applying the same principles.

Whole-body hyperthermia (versus local or regional) covers the entire body when infection has spread throughout the whole body. There are a n number of methods such as thermal chambers with copper tubing circulating hot water, and/or application of hot water blankets to raise total body temperature.

Patients are anesthetized or sedated as body temperature is increased to 107-108F.

The process can take up to 4 hours depending on the mass of infection, with an anesthesiologist making sure that the organs remain in normal functioning condition. Additional hours are given to cool off the patient and then continuous observation is done for at least 12 hours until the patient is completely stable.

Hyperthermia is surprisingly safe considering such high heat. Tissues can usually tolerate heat up to 111F but during hyperthermia, temperatures can rise to 113F or more. The different properties of tissues located in varying regions of the body can also cause varied responses resulting to pain, discomfort, burns and blister. So there is risk of blood clots, bleeding and tissue swelling and other body temporary damage. It can also cause gastrointestinal upsets, headaches and vomiting.

Serious complications include cardiac problems and circulatory disorders, but for most of us with serious chronic Lyme disease, these side effects seem very acceptable given the alternative of potentially an entire lifetime of suffering.

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